• Rebels own up Davao attack vs. militias


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Communist rebels have taken responsibility for a recent attack on a group of pro-government militias in Davao City as punishment for violating the rights of local villagers.

    Ka Tano Paragas, a rebel spokesman, said fighters from the New People’s Army (NPA) detonated an explosive that targeted the militias in the village of Tapak in Paquibato district.

    He said the militias were allegedly behind a series of cattle rustling and other atrocities against civilians.

    Paragas said that, “The military also employs the classic tactic of pitting lumad [tribesmen]against lumad to control ancestral territories and make it easier for capitalist mining companies to enter and exploit ancestral resources.”

    There was no immediate statement from the military about the NPA accusations against the abuses of the army-led militia group in Paquibato district.

    Meanwhile, police arrested a 44-year-old woman in an undercover drug sting in Zamboanga City, officials said.

    Officials identified the woman as Susan de la Cruz, who was arrested in the village of Talon-Talon after allegedly selling drugs to an undercover agent.

    Police seized from her a packet of methamphetamine hydrochloride locally known as shabu or “poor man’s cocaine.”

    Also recovered from de la Cruz was the P500 marked money used in the sting.

    The woman did not give any statement about the recovered drugs, but police said she was placed under a long period of surveillance in the village after informants tipped off authorities about her illegal activities.

    Police said it would send the seized drugs to the crime laboratory for examination and will be used as evidence against the suspect.


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