you see i have days
when i draw an invisible line
on the ground outside my door
i’d rather not go beyond it

it’s called an irrational fear
of the world & of its people

the world comes to me
through status updates or tweets,
flat-toned telegraphic messages
sent by iPhones, androids & such

how can i draw a map
of my inner destination
when i am semi-permanently
glued to this ergonomically
built seat unable to disconnect
mind & soul & body
from an electric power source?

at year’s end
i question modes of living
like this one stained
by apprehension of
flesh-blood people in this world

how long, how quickly
will this artificial dread last?

today i pray for reconnection
to just one original source,
The Incarnate One
birthed by a virgin
who was
of this world


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