• Recovered frigatebird dies


    LEGAZPI CITY: A large bird recovered in a village in Camalig town last week has died. Veterinarian Manny Garbiles Victorino of Albay Provincial Veterinary Services who examined and identified the bird as a lesser frigatebird said they already preserved the bird to determine the cause of its death. Lesser frigatebirds, the smallest of its species, are pelagic birds that feed on fishes. They have brownish plumage, long narrow wings and a forked tail. The one recovered by residents of Barangay Taytay had a 2-meter wingspan and believed to have been blown away by strong winds brought by bad weather obtaining in the region that week. It is believed that frigatebirds gave rise to the Bicol myth of barokik, a nocturnal bird squawking in the evening and said to be a precursor to the coming of the dreaded aswang (witch), Gil Basmayor, publisher of a Naga City-based newspaper, said.


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