• Red Cross chief Gordon delights Spanish queen


    Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Chairman Richard Gordon, who was invited to speak at the 150th anniversary of the Spanish Red Cross, inadvertently addressed the Spanish monarch as “Queen Felicity” in his speech to the delight of the crowd and the Queen herself.

    In a statement, the PRC said the crowd responded with thunderous applause at the reference of happiness to their queen.

    Queen Letizia graciously responded to Gordon’s “gaffe” to the absolute delight of the crowd. “Me puede llamar felicidad. Suena bien [You can call me Happiness. It sounds good],” she said.

    “I would like to say thank you . . . to the president of the Red Cross in the Philippines. Thank you for coming, welcome to our country, our city, our hearts. You can call me happiness! I think that’s a nice name! Yes, Queen Happiness! It sounds great. Thank you. “

    The incident was later reported in Spanish media, gracing the front pages of broadsheets, and trended in social media.

    Gordon said “Queen Letizia is not just a lovely face or royalty, she certainly radiates a great deal of charm and compassion and a sincere desire to engage her people. She spent more than an hour being mobbed literally, for photographs to the delight of the thousands of Spanish Red Cross [SRC] volunteers and guests.

    She is gifted with great wit and intelligence. This was her first speech as Queen, and by herself, before her compatriots and she connected big-time.”

    Gordon said she invited Queen Letizia “ to come to the Philippines as Patron of the Cruz Roja Espanola, and to look over the great effort both SRC and PRC are doing for the people affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda.”

    In Madrid, he spoke of the SRC’s “tremendous contribution to relief and rehabilitation efforts for disaster victims in the Philippines“ and its great cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross.



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