• Olen and Miakka Lim

    Redefining Imagery in Today’s Modern World


    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    More than any other time in recent history, image has played a critical role in our lives more than ever. Image, as defined by Webster is, “a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.” It’s the art of carrying one’s self with poise and grace as we reflect ourselves to the world and in today’s social media era, there’s more opportunities to project a part of ourselves to the public. This is a fact cemented by the country’s top image consultancy firm, OJL Consulting Group run by the powerhouse mother and daughter tandem, Olen and Miakka Lim.

    The force behind it, Olen, or as fondly referred to as Ms. O by her clients notes, “Our image is always in motion. It’s reflected in the daily things we do and how we carry ourselves. Everyone needs to take care of their image because we are all judged in seconds of meeting or interacting with anyone and we would always want it to be a positive one.”

    Miakka Lim

    Her daughter, Miakka, who runs the business alongside her agrees, “How we take care of our image is a direct reflection of what we aspire to be. It takes effort but people do notice the effort and people, especially our superiors, always appreciate a sign of effort. Everyone who makes a conscious effort to always look their best and feel their best is definitely worthy to be given a second look – whether at work or in one’s personal life.”
    Experts in their field, Ms. O and Miakka has had extensive experience across all fields including hosting, journalism, broadcast, fashion, and yes modeling. The duo has long cemented their status in high society and people do trust their advice from clothing to etiquette and daily do’s and don’t’s.

    And their credibility is backed up by education from the world’s best image institutions. In fact, Ms. O is the first Filipina to be certified as a Professional Image Development Consultant by the London Image Institute and Imageworks Asia in Singapore and is also a Certified International Etiquette by the Protocol School of Washington and is the recipient of the Certified Image Professional (CIP) status from the Association of Image Consultants International, the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. Miakka, on the other hand, is a familiar face due to her extensive work in sports broadcasting, modeling, and just being everyone’s favorite fresh faced commentator for both basketball and volleyball. It was in 2011 when Miakka, who have worked with big international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Benefit Cosmetics, when she followed her mom’s footsteps when she went to the Academy of Image Mastery and was mentored by one of only nine masters in the world, Christina Ong AICI CIM.

    Olen Lim

    When asked what it was like to work together as mother and daughter, Miakka candidly replied, “Working with each other is definitely not a walk in the park. We are relatively close as mom and daughter but obviously we have differences in opinions given we’re coming from different generation so our approach is not always the same but one thing is for sure—all our classes and sessions with our clients are always fun.”

    Ms. O adds, “I like that this is like succession planning for our business and I am more than pleased to pass the business to Miakka. We both complement on areas of expertise, me on image, etiquette, civility and protocol, and Miakka on image, color analysis, make-up, sales, front liner. And of course because of our expertise on

    different generations, we can service a wide variety of age groups and target markets.”
    For the both of them, the vision is simple, “The inspiration is as our vision is to inspire others through the work that we do to better themselves and achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.”

    Miakka also adds the importance of spreading knowledge about what they do, “We want people to know that there is such a thing as what we do. It’s not just about styling and just dressing people up- that’s only 1/4 of what we do exactly. We do know that almost everything about fashion and etiquette and even civility is readily available online and sometimes even common sense. But you’ll also be surprised on how many people don’t know certain things or doesn’t know how to handle different situations. You know what they say, common sense is not that common. That’s why we’re here. We will work hand in hand with you- be it a company, individual or even teenagers/kids—we will work hard with you and show you ways to be a better you. That’s the ultimate goal after all, empowerment.”

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