Reds must talk peace to become relevant


THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) foresees the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF).going back to the negotiating table to become relevant once again.

Brig. Gen. Joselito Kakilala, AFP spokesman, over the weekend said the communist group has been marginalized and its strength has significantly been cut down.

The AFP estimates that the NPA has fewer than 4,000 guerrillas from 25,000 during the Marcos era.

Kakilala attributed the group’s reduced strength to effective implementation of the military’s Internal Peace Security Plan-Bayanihan (IPSP-Bayanihan), which, he said, continues to gain ground.

“We also foresee that the CPP-NPA-NDF would also be back to the negotiating table as an alternative strategy to be relevant… that’s one of the objectives of IPSP-Bayanihan,” he said.

But, according to Kakilala, elimination of the armed guerrillas would not be realized by military action alone.

“As long as development will come in and we will have economic growth and prosperity for every Filipino, in the years to come the CPP-NPA will be [totally]irrelevant, that’s what we foresee in our IPSP-Bayanihan,” he said.

The AFP, Kakilala added, had identified critical infrastructure projects such as bridges for peace, farm to market roads and schools.


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  1. CPP-NPA was established in 28 March 1968, the evening after Ninoy delivered the Jabidah Massacre speech in senate. The establishment of CPP NPA was masterminded by Ninoy, funded by Malaysia, and operated by Joma. It may seem a cause-oriented group at the lower level, but the higher-up decision makers are serving only Malaysian interest of sustaining trouble in PH, make PH waste its resources, make PH weak to the point that we can no longer reclaim Sabah that Malaysia stole from us. Both the Muslim and Communist insurgencies in PH are Malaysian operated. These Malaysian sabotage in Philippine politics, police, military, religion, media, peace process, economics, history, and even in education are all rooted in their insecurity of Sabah — they make us weak because they are afraid we will recover Sabah when we become a strong and developed nation. (John R. Petalcorin, MNLF Director for Communications, 30 March 2015)

  2. Natatakot bumalik si JOMA SISON at iba pang kasapakat dahil aarestuhin sila. Meron silang nakabinbin na criminal case sa RTC MANILA BRANCH 32, kay Judge Thelma Bunyi Medina. In fact,nagkahearing yong kaso nila last March 27, 2015. Pkisubaybayan ang kaso. Kung hindi pinakawalan si JOMA ni Cory nung naging Pang ulo 1986, wala na sana ang NPA. Nahuli na nga sa San Fernando, La Union ng mga tauhan ni Pangulong MARCOS. Kaya “Jabida Massacre” kuno ay ginawang ng script si Ninoy. Sino ba ang mga communist sa bayan? Sino ang nagpabomba sa Plaza Miranda? Naputol ang paa si dating Mayor Bagatsing at namutilate ang mga kamay at mukha ni dating Senador Salonga!!! NATATAG ANG COMMUNIST PARTY dahil sa tulong ng isang Master’s student sa UP BIZ ADM NA INDONESIAN. PAKI VERIFY SA UP, kung sino ito.Silang dalawa ang founders, among others.