‘Reds’ reject peace talks termination


THE National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) has refused to acknowledge the written notice sent by the government on the termination of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG), a deal that keeps peace consultants from being arrested.

In a statement, NDFP negotiating peace panel chairman Fidel Agcaoili said that the government had “no fair and just reason” to terminate the peace negotiations two weeks after the conclusion of the third round of formal talks in Rome, Italy.

Agcaoili cited the advances made during the negotiations, including discussions on human rights and reforms and an agreement to meet in the Netherlands on February 22 to 27 to hammer out a bilateral ceasefire.

“With the above progress in the talks, it is unreasonable for any Party to unilaterally terminate the peace negotiations without just cause and squander the gains so far achieved,” Agcoili said, as he pointed out a technical error in the notice of termination.

“We note that the letter of termination of the JASIG sent by [Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus] Dureza is improperly addressed,” he said.

“It should have been sent to the National Executive Committee of the NDFP through its Negotiating Panel, and not jointly in one letter to Prof. Sison as Chief Political Consultant and me as Chairperson of the Negotiating Panel,” he added.

Agcoili said the original copy of the letter should have been sent by mail to the NDFP Information Office in The Netherlands and received by the rebel panel.

“For all of the above reasons, the NDFP cannot acknowledge receipt of the 07 February 2017 email letter of Secretary Dureza. The NDFP cannot be a party to an unjust, unreasonable and improper termination of the JASIG. The GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines) bears full responsibility for its unilateral decision,” he said.


In a separate statement, the Communist Party the Philippines (CPP) slammed President Rodrigo Duterte for
“arbitrarily terminating” the formal peace negotiations. It said the New People’s Army is “ever ready to face” the “all-out war” threatened by the government.

The CPP said Duterte had “gone berserk” and “wasted the achievements attained in peace talks over the past few months.” The group described the President as a “doublespeaking thug who only recognizes his own rules” and “a charlatan who does not know the true meaning of just and lasting peace.”

It accused Duterte of terminating the talks “when he could no longer use it to compel the CPP and NPA to a prolonged ceasefire that has left the people defenseless against [Armed Forces of the Philippines] military operations.” The group said the rebels’ announcement on February 1 that they were lifting their unilateral ceasefire “signals [that]the revolutionary forces will not accept pacification or surrender.”

Duterte lifted the government’s own ceasefire and ordered the talks scrapped shortly after the communist group announced the lifting of its unilateral ceasefire.

The President also ordered the arrest of NDFP consultants released on bail.

The two sides failed to reach an agreement on the communists’ demand to free about 400 rebel leaders, the same issue that jeopardized the peace talks during the previous administration.


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  1. Di mo maintindihan tong mga kupal na to. Ngayon naman ayaw tanggapin yung written notice. They knew at this day in age, they are irrelevant/obsolete. What kind of struggle are they fighting for? Except for those “REVOLUTIONARY TAX” kuno.

  2. These “Reds” are obviously desperate – they will say anything and everything, even if it doesn’t match their bloody actions, to justify that they are righteous. Do they take the Filipino community as a bunch of fools? People are smarter now than to believe accusations and rhetoric without credibility. Peace must happen and Duterte made sensitive but correct decision – either sign a peace treaty and be part of the country, or don’t and instead get wiped out. You’ve had years of chances. Let Philippines finally have TRUE peace or die! “Reds” blatantly chose to die for their cause and so they should.

  3. Ceasefire is not a pre-requisite to a the peace talk negotiation. The fact that the peace talk has started means there are legitimate points to tackle. Death by two or three soldiers while in the midst of a war being resolved by the peace talk is not a reason to cancel the talk. The government should take its cue from the Mamasapano incident. After losing 44 SAF, they embarked on an all-out war against the Muslim separatists, killed some terrorists but lost more soldiers a month later. Peace talks could save more lives. Cussing without thinking would only ignite more encounters and deaths.

  4. The truth from the rebels they were joy riding in the PEACE TALK. There is no way for them to have genuine peace. Because the main motive is to become autonomous.


    Its very sad situation now for the Filipino to unite as one & the poor scenarios was the civilians were suffering from strayed bullets, being disturb from their living & they got killed as well.

  5. So it not only the government agencies that are dysfunctional?

    Now they are fighting for their privileges instead of fighting for cause, ideology and coherence as an organization.

    Since they have zero control over their comrades on the ground, now operating as bandits, they can at least try to negotiate in cool places, forever, and cling to their perks while their “armed comrades” are free to play banditry on the weak.

    The government don’t even have to notify these a.h., simply put them all in prison. So what rejection are they talking about? lock them up see if they can reject a handcuff.

    Left version of typical pinoy character: lazy, pretentious/fake, all b.s. not even one speck of result. Like any other government staff, just another useless eater.

  6. when the negotiotion is ongoing they keep on attacking the soldiers and you did not hear any condemnation from their leaders. now that the government wants an all out war those leaders are now afraid like a dog. it might be better if those leaders abroad will come and join those who are in camps to sit and discuss whats is best for this country.

  7. These REDS doesn’t know the word “humility”. Despite the fact that they are the cause of the peace talk termination, they still have the guts to demand.

    • You are absolutely correct on your assessment that the Reds should not making demands and the word “humility” have never existed in their vocabulary. The government has all the rights and privileges to terminate the peace process talks because PDU30 feels that these morons are demanding unrealistic demands at early stage of the negotiation. Sabi nga niya, **tang*na, giyerra na lang!!

  8. Well, The die is cast. The CPP has burned the bridges behind it. There is no turning back now that it has insulted the president in the most severest terms possible. How can they now seek the resumption of the peace talks? There seems to be a group that does not want the peace talks to succeed. First, the unreasonable demand to free 400 allegedly political prisoners which they know President DU30 will not be able to comply immediately. Then, the premature lifting of the ceasefire, knowing fully well what this move would mean. Now, these insults against the president. Quo vadis CPP/NDF/NPA?

  9. The problem with the communist party, they forgot that they are the enemy of the state, they criminals, they are the problem, so nothing to bargain with the government, all you can do is give up what your ideology, and join the citizenry. If you love this country, contribute your efforts and you are welcome to it.


    These self styled communists terrorists just want to resume if not perpetuate their junketing in Europe.

  11. aladin g. villacorte on

    Sison, Agcaoili, Jalandoni and the rest of the globe-trotting “guerrillas” should come home and pledge their allegiance to the Philippine flag and Constitution. That should be the first order of business – as a gesture of their loyalty to their homeland and sincerity to free their kababayan from age-old poverty. Why talk peace with “foreigners” who prefer to live in comfort and safety while their comrades hide-and-run in the mountains and forests across the archipelago, hunted down, killed or imprisoned. Their comrades in arms, fellow ideologues suffer daily while they party abroad.

    Fr. Balweg was right – talking peace with these absentee leaders of the underground is like talking to a wall – their agenda is politics, not peace.

  12. It was very clear when you withdrew your unilateral ceasefire and started attacking, ambushing government troops that you are not sincere in your dealings with the government!!! So now that you feel the hot pursuit launched against your troops, suddenly you are clamoring for the government not not to stop the negotiations???? The government has already given so many concessions to you, but you haven’t given anything in return, even the ceasefire you ended, which if pursued will be beneficial to you, the gov’t troops,and most especially to the filipino people. Now we are wondering if you really WANT PEACE TO THE MOTHERLAND!!!!

  13. sa akin lang huwag na ituloy yung peace process sa mga NDF, CCP, and NPA dahil parang kalokohan lang , imagine inaprobahan ng Reds ang peace talk resolutions tapos sige parin ang ambush nila sa mga sundalo ng gobyerno dahil lang hindi irelease ni President Duterte ang naka-detain na 400 rebeldes sa kulongan.

  14. Gosh, why do these communists keep demanding their way. They haven’t shown any sincerity at all. I have never trusted the because in the past all peace talks led to fortifying the NPAs areas and grabbing of arms from the AFP. I have never believed that peace talks with any rebel group, even the Muslim ones, will lead anywhere because what they want is to grab power and not really to recognize the Philippine government. Why would they return to the fold when they can avoid paying taxes and just collect revolutionary tax or foreign aid to support their “cause”.

  15. It’s amazing isn’t it – now it’s the NDF deciding which agreements are valid and which ones are not. Last time I checked, the NDF & NPA do not represent the majority of the Filipino people. They only represent the interests of their leaders who incidentally are enjoying the good western (read – non-communist) way of life in Europe.