• ‘Reds’ to get 4 Cabinet portfolios


    THE Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will play a key role under a Duterte government because the group has been promised at least four Cabinet portfolios.

    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he will offer the Departments of Agrarian Reform, Environment and Natural Resources, Labor and Social Welfare and Development to the CPP if the group wants to participate in his administration.

    “They are the most vigilant group in the Philippines about labor so they would get it.

    DSWD [Department of Social Welfare and Development] at madami pang iba [and many more]but those are the only departments I can concede to them, those four. Maganda na ‘yan [That’s pretty fair],” he added.

    Duterte also named some of the personalities he is considering for various Cabinet posts.

    He said he will ask his running mate, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, to choose between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice.

    If Cayetano opts to remain as senator, he said he will respect that.

    According to the mayor, he asked former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Perfecto Yasay to serve as acting Foreign Affairs secretary for a year.

    He also offered the Department of Finance top post to his friend, Carlos Dominguez, and the Department of Transportation and Communications to Clark Development Corp. president Arthur Tugade.

    Meanwhile, Peter Laurel will be appointed as Education secretary while former Press Secretary Jesus Dureza will head the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process.

    Former Justice Secretary Silvestre Bello 3rd will be named chief peace negotiator with the CPP.

    Duterte said the CPP’s military arm, the New People’s Army, should also realize that “[he is]with government and [he is]also the enemy.”

    “But I offer my hand in peace to [Jose Maria] Sison and to the rest and we can talk,” he added.

    Sison was Duterte’s former professor at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila.

    The mayor said Sison is welcome to return home after nearly three decades in exile in The Netherlands and participate in peace talks.

    “Yes, he is welcome. I am happy with the statement that he is coming home. I would very much want to talk to him about resolving the insurgency problem,” Duterte added.



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    1. Appointed 4 Communist……..If that happen you will Land Reform will be implemented. very easy……..You will see social justice …….Social Welfare, you will better service without corruption in times of calamity…….I am not a communist but I see the solution look better now….

    2. Although the top honcho of the PNP is equivalent to a bureau chief, the police organization is a powerful agency that would play a vital role in Duterte’s knuckle duster fight against notorious criminals.
      He cited Chief Superintendents Ramon Apolinario and Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa and Senior Supt. Rene Aspira as probable chief of the PNP.
      Chief Superintendent and Senior Superintendent, to the uninitiated on the rankings of the former Philippine Constabulary after it “broke-away” from the Armed Forces of the Philippines in January 29, 1991 through Republic Act 6975, are the equivalent of military ranks of Brigadier General and Colonel.
      “I asked them to talk among themselves since they were my chiefs of police and they have sterling records during their stints in Davao City,” the president-elect said to that effect.
      When I asked my sources from the police, who are alumni of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), if the trio are “mistah” or classmates at the PMA as mentioned by Duterte and who would be the next chief of the PNP among them after Director General Ricardo Marquez submitted his courtesy resignation, I was told that Apolinario is a member of PMA Class 1985 while dela Rosa and Aspira are part of PMA Class 1986.
      READ: Shoo-in for Chief PNP after Duterte’s announced 3 bets

    3. No position of power should be given to the communist terrorist whether its a cabinet position or directorship. They should be made accountable for their crimes against the Filipino people. From extorting revolutionary taxes, assassinations, murder, to the long term goal of overthrowing any democratically elected government. Sleeping with these enemies of the state would be a costly mistake to the Duterte adminsitration.

    4. Ignacio Balbutin on

      I am disappointed with this pronouncement why give important cabinet post without even laying conditions. The NPA should lay down and surrender their arms to the government before anything else. How can they be in the government and their armed comrades are still making havoc all over the country. In Thailand, communists were completely eradicated by all out war against them and those who surrender were given a land to till. These communists in the government will only use their postions to strengthen their armed struggle and perpetuate their greed for power. President Duterte should give them the choice, surrender and live in peace or suffer the consequences.

    5. Duterte’s party and campaign color is RED. The Philippines will become RED. I voted for Duterte but if he will place so many Communists in his government, I will join the protest and even help oust him. For how could we accept someone like Joma Sison whose pile of criminal cases have not been accounted for? He was released by Cory and went into exile. Now he’s coming back with a juicy government position? No way.
      We must ask him why he masterminded the Plaza Miranda bombing then blamed it on Marcos. People were made to believe that Marcos did it for decades until the late Sen. Jovito Salonga and Ret. Gen. Victor Corpus revealed that it was Joma Sison and his NPA that masterminded the bombing?

      • Agree. Paano pa iyong ating mga kawal na pinatay ng mga communists. Digong should think carefully about this move. There are 60% who did not vote for him!! And another 29% who voted for him who will change their mind like us on this move to appoint reds. This will embolden China and the end of our democracy.

    6. CPP should not be given key position with the government unless they sign a peace agreement that would include NPA to lay down their arms. The moro people should also be given significant opportunity to participate in governance.