Reflecting wonder inside and out


Urban landscapes are not strangers when it comes to seeing structures made up of glass and steel.

But for ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower, there is more than what meets the eye of passers-by.|

ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower’s innovative exterior design is the perfect marriage of landmark design and sustainability: a quality that paved the way for the building’s double certification

The area inside the tower has a sense of openness and it comes with a foyer that is visually refreshing because of the natural light from the sun that keeps it well-lit. Keeping with the refreshing and productive environment it brings to its occupants, the upper levels of the ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower are structured to have high ceilings and wide floor areas to relieve the feeling of a cramped office space.

ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower innovates the office building by providing a space perfectly encapsulated by the Filipino word: ‘maaliwalas’

Well-lit spaces are because of the windows of the tower that are arranged like serrated edges—its design is not only for aesthetic but it also keeps heat out and the sunlight in while providing adequate shading without the need for additional structures within the ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower.

Aside from its well-lit spaces, the tower also boasts of its air circulation in each floor that flows with ease and leaves a light and comfortable feeling to its occupants.

The business center serves as the central hub of ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower. Guests, tenants, and occupants are given this space to gather and exchange ideas.

According to Jamie González, the vice chairman and president of ArthaLand, the company abandoned the idea of cookie-cutter developments that is relegated to a formulated approach. ArthaLand Century Pacific tower served as the company’s inspiration and motivation by challenging them not to be the biggest company in the industry but the best.

“Creativity, innovation and attention to detail.” Gonzales believes that these are what makes ArthaLand stand out in the real estate industry.

The greener side

Designed for comfort and efficiency, ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower integrates pleasure into business

ArthaLand is committed to going green. This is manifested in the tower’s roof garden and surrounding pocket parks that add verdant greenery among the urban landscape.

“We promote the environmental sustainability to the workers,” says Edgar Sabidong, senior assistant vice president for technical services of ArthaLand.

Sabidong added that the company was influenced greatly by the environment in the development of the tower and that the company promotes the green agenda, transcending the boundaries of the ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower.

Despite the expense in putting up “green” buildings, ArthaLand stands by the tower’s “Life Cycle,” where the amount of efficiency over time allows the building to still function conveniently no matter how much it ages while cutting back at energy costs.

‘Think global, act local’

Inspired by the natural beauty of a rough jade stone, the building’s spacious interior mimics wide open arms that welcome you once you enter its doors

ArthaLand banks on building a legacy that will live on for generations to come through its projects.

The rise of ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower shows that ArthaLand has no intention of letting go of its commitment to sustainability, creating a positive impact in the industry as well as the environment.

ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower was certified by the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and by the Philippine Green Building Council’s BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence). Its commitment to the environment will pave the way for ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower to achieve a Gold Standard certification from BERDE.

ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower’s innovative layout makes good use of space to keep energy efficiency at an optimum

“I believe by having both certifications, we adhere not just to the global standard but also to the local requirements in our local setting. Think global, act local. Hence, the dual certification,” shares Leonardo Arthur T. Po, executive vice president and treasurer of ArthaLand.

From using materials that come from sustainable and renewable sources to advocacies of promoting environmental awareness, ArthaLand paves the way to “Go Green” through real estate projects and developments.


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