Reflections of a baby boomer


I am a baby boomer. And I miss the good old days. I even miss how my father would feel the temperature of the phone with his palm, and when it was hot because of prolonged use, then I got a scolding or a stern reminder. But I am who I am, respectful and courteous, because of how my father, mother and the school teachers taught me. I see less of this now. There were no phone lines in many homes specially and in the provinces. One had to go to a PLDT station to make a long distance call, it was always a source of anxiety for us when we wanted to know if my father, who travelled by plane to a far province, had arrived safely. We had to wait for a telegram confirming that he did or a telephone call that always got disconnected. But the anxiety and worry over his safety re-inforced our love for him. And the bonding that followed his arrival was intense. I know there are advantages to being able to connect so easily with people now, but I still would not want to be born in today’s generation.
Helen Ramos


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