• What reforms?


    AS expected, the Palace has belittled the National Transformation Council’s calls for President Benigno S. C. Aquino 3rd to resign because he “has lost the moral right to lead the nation,” because he “has become a danger to the Philippine Democratic and Republican state and to the peace, freedom, security and moral and spiritual well-being of the Filipino people” and because under his incompetent and corrupt governance grave problems are now destroying the nation.

    Both Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. and Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda have spoken to defend President Aquino. They are claiming that the majority of the people want Aquino to finish his term.

    Secretary Coloma said, “The President is duty-bound to fulfill his mandate from the people.

    He remains firmly committed to pursue the reforms aimed at achieving stable and inclusive growth for the country.  These reforms have been established on the platform of good governance and have gained acceptance by the vast majority of our people, as well as recognition from the international community.”

    Yes, we agree, that President Aquino should not resign–if it is true that reforms have been introduced.

    But there are no reforms that have been established “on the platform of good governance.”
    There are no reforms that “have gained acceptance by the vast majority of our people.”

    Yes, the international community gave him lavish praise before. But it did so without examining his claims.  Of late, media abroad have been awakened to the untruthfulness of President Aquino’s claims of having accomplished great feats of service to the Filipino people and of having taken decisive measures to combat corruption in the government.
    The international community has now begun to realize, as the Lipa Declaration correctly states:

    That “[a]crisis of unprecedented proportions has befallen our nation. The life of the nation is in grave peril from the very political forces that are primarily ordained to protect, promote and advance its well-being, but which are aggressively undermining its moral, religious, social, cultural, constitutional and legal foundations.”

    That “Unbridled and unpunished corruption and widespread misuse of political and economic power in all layers of society have not only destroyed our common conception of right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust, legal and illegal, but also put our people, especially the poor, at the mercy of those who have the power to dictate the course and conduct of our development for their own selfish ends.”

    That “Far from preserving and defending the Constitution, as he swore to do when he assumed office, the incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino has subverted and violated it by corrupting Congress, intimidating the judiciary, taking over the treasury, manipulating the automated voting system, and perverting the constitutional impeachment process; President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd has also damaged the moral fabric of Philippine Society by bribing members of Congress not only to impeach and remove a sitting Supreme Court Chief Justice but also to enact a law which disrespects the right to life of human beings at the earliest and most vulnerable stages of their lives, in defiance not only of the Constitution but above all of the moral law, the customs, culture, and consciences of Filipinos.”

    In the Cebu Declaration the other day, these realities were re-affirmed and specific grave problems were cited that the Aquino regime has failed or refused to attend to.

    If Mr. Aquino were guided by a well-formed conscience, and a properly functioning brain, he would know that he should resign.

    He would resign—if he were not under the control of politicians who are using him to perpetuate their hold on power and the means to increase their wealth and influence.

    May the National Transformation Council, which, we learned from Cardinal Ricardo Vidal in his Cebu Assembly speech, “was founded… in Cebu City, without any publicity, three years ago,” gain strength and credibility fast and have the persuasive ca+pability to make President Aquino leave Malacañang, and with him the corrupt and self-serving cabal that controls him.

    That is the only peaceful way—short of a miracle—for change, reforms, and transformation to happen in our Republic.


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    1. Is the NTC demand for Aquino’s resignation an endorsement of Binay’s presidency?
      REPLY: No it’s not: The NTC, as resolved by the Lipa and Cebu Assemblies, has a temporary Council that will continue governing with the existing government and conduct the 2016 elections transparently.

    2. The President is duty-bound to fulfill his oath to protect the Constitution. Aquino interpretes this to mean he can divert expeditures and spend them on what he wants. He can ignore the constituion and commit treason to sponsor the BBL. Aquino never meant he would follow his oath. It was like all of his other lies.

    3. mikhail hieronymus on

      It is not nice to say this, but the only way to move Pnoy out of Malacanang is HORIZONTALY. There is no other way I can think of. He is defending his corrupt friends like a Pit Bull. He think and claim to every one that he is doing a great job. He has this messianic mantra that he is the only one who can save our country from whatever he is thinking. Good Riddance Abnoy!

    4. Culoma and Lamierda are Parrots who suffer from verbal diarea, typical sipsip they know that their boss is insanely wrong but they are still trying to built him up to keep their jobs, if I were you two I would look in the mirror without vomiting, and tha goes for Balde also.

    5. As pointed out correctly by the MT Editorial, Aquino neither has a well-informed conscience nor a properly functioning brain. If conscience is a function of the heart and intellect is a function of the brain, then this dude, Aquino, is a complete failure.

      In my last four years in public service, no single reform, whether administrative or policy in nature, to advance and protect the primacy of public interest and public welfare was put in place.

      And these nincompoops continue talking about their reforms? What a shameless Band of Thieves.

    6. The Manila of old is far different from the times now. At that time Max Soliven represented one side of the political debate and Ka Doroy Valencia almost always the other side. Now everybody is anti-Aquino. This is more a propaganda machine of the opposition than a venue for balanced political discussion. And Kit Tatad of all people??.

      • That’s because, nowadays you can hardly find anyone, and rightly so, who believes in the propaganda of the Aquino administration.

    7. Very well explained Manila Times Editorial.
      Manila Times is back. I read the Manila times way back in the fifties.
      At that time the Manila Times featured, “Juan Tamad goes to Congress”.