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    With the holiday season getting busier by the day, the thought of putting on makeup for work and after-office-hours social functions, not to mention the preparation and Christmas shopping in between, can be a challenge for most women.

    As such, while fashion force Vogue has declared Perfectly Imperfect Lips (with “subtly worn-in color and diffused edges”) or Sixties Lashes (doll-like, clumpy, slept-in lashes) among the many elaborate Fall/Winter makeup trends, a no-fuss and easy to recreate makeup can come in handy this season.

    Classic, polished look is in this season

    Enter Kanebo, the Japanese makeup brand that proudly bears the regal aesthetic sans complicated procedure.

    Rooted from the simplicity of Japanese culture, the skin care and makeup brand believes that the secret of beauty is simple—inner allure which is having a soft and tender glow from within, with clear lines around eyes and lips. The creation of skin and said line will bring balance to the entire impression of the face.

    With this, Kanebo puts emphasis on a good foundation and the basic additions—for eyebrows, eyes and lips—for its Fall/Winter or Holiday collection.

    “As a rule, Kanebo is after the more classic look, something that you can wear during the day for office, and evening where meeting with friends and attending more social functions commonly occur,” Robbie da Silva, Kanebo Philippines’ brand marketing manager told The Manila Times.

    Polished look
    The first step in achieving a polished look for the holidays begins with the brand’s tone-up primer that has been designed to provide sheer color correction. It has a creamy texture in yellowish green tone, which helps mute redness and achieve luminous complexion with translucency.

    Interestingly, da Silva noted, that among the makeup line of Kanebo—which has been in the country for just a year—the best-selling item is their primer.

    “It came as a surprise for us as foundations and lipsticks have been our stronger products in the country. Later on, our beauty experts, who come face-to-face with our customers, found out that aside from the fact that our primer helps Filipinas achieve that inner glow and helps their makeup stick longer, our customers love our primers for it smells really good. It’s because of the teatopia fragrance,” he said.

    The Japanese believe that the secret to beauty is simplicity

    “So, while other primer brands smell synthetic or like glue, ours not only does wonder for the skin, we have a relaxing smell as well,” da Silva added.

    After primer comes the Luster Cream Foundation, a rich textured cream foundation with high coverage and long-lasting formula. The Japanese are known for their porcelain skin and this cream foundation promises the same finish with moisturizing effect.

    To create that flawless polished skin, Kanebo recommends the following procedure: (1) take a scoop of the foundation and spread it on the back of the hand; (2) apply the foundation first to the right cheek, then to the left cheek and then to the forehead, nose, around the lips, chin and around the eyes; (3) polish the foundation by sweeping outward and upward to lift up from the bottom; and (4) apply concealer on desired areas for more coverage to get a flawlessly even finish.

    For the eyebrows, Kanebo recommends using a defining touch to naturally frame the eyes. Their eyebrow mascara (in shades of neutral grayish and neutral brownish) instantly tints, styles and sets the eyebrows. Its double-sided brush consisting of long- and short-bristle combs make the eyebrows look natural.

    Next, create intense black in depth for the eyes with glamorous volumes from the brand’s “Volume Framing Mascara.” For Kanebo, the secret of alluring lashes is made by the original brush and its Volume Up Wax formula, a creamy texture that adheres to each lash and gives multiplied look.

    To add colors and accentuate the eyes and lines, the brand’s champion color for the season is lavander. The Selection Colors Eyeshadow features moist textured powder blends that melt to the skin.

    “We have lavander for this season because this color represents sophistication and royalty,” da Silva answered when asked why they only feature lavander this season.

    Heading south, the next step would be the lip primer, a sheer, pink-tinted primer formulated with botanical oil to protect lips from dryness. It can be worn under lipstick or can be applied alone.

    Finally, to add more intense, classic colors to the lips, use the brand’s Intense Crayon Rouge. A crayon lipstick with a soft matte finish, the new collection comes in six vibrant colors that easily glides to subtly shape and define lips.

    “These colors of Neutral Beige, Chic Pink, Vibrant Fuchsia, Impact Red, Sophisticated Wine and Stylish Bordeaux, are perfect for the Philippine market. In the past collections, the lipstick colors are very light and shimmery which is not suitable for most Filipinas. But we are optimistic that our market this year will have find their pick from the collection,” da Silva finally noted.

    In the Philippines, Kanebo is exclusively available at Rustan’s.


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