• Regine and Nate typify mom-son techie generation



    Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez exemplifies the modern day mom who strikes the balance between her hectic work schedule and her role as family woman.

    She attests that she has peace and comfort while wearing both hats. The doting mother of four-year-old Nathaniel James, more fondly known as Nate, says technology helps her become a better mom.

    “Specifically, I get a lot of help from PLDT Home,” said Regine who is ambassador for the brand. “They have products and services that are designed to give moms like me peace of mind through the power of technology. So far, it’s really been helpful especially when I have to be away for work.”

    Joining Regine as new brand ambassador for PLDT Home is her son Nate, who had been tapped to be the face of Smart Watch, a multi-functional gadget which kids can use to take photos, play music, and even record voice messages.

    At the launch of Smart Watch held on Wednesday at Cerchio Restaurant in Quezon City, Regine revealed that Nate got through the commercial shoot with nary a problem. “I just told him that he has to work and he has to be a good boy. I was shooting in another place but I learned that they never had a problem with Nate during the shoot, that he was well-behaved.”

    She added that she didn’t tell Nate he’s being paid for the work he was doing. “When he gets older, only then will we explain to him [about his earnings]so he doesn’t get the impression that he can buy whatever he wants because he has the money to do so.”

    Regine said one advantage of Nate wearing the said gadget is for his protection. The boy can directly answer calls using his watch when it is connected to the Telpad or a smart phone. The Alcasids also use the gadget as a WiFi remote for their Telpad or smart phone cameras.

    Regine further shared how the watch helps teach Nate to be more responsible and aware of his surroundings. All he needs to do is click on the button and the connected device will make a sound so he can find it say in his room or around the house. Similarly, when travelling or on days out, mom and dad can easily click on their own devices to track Nate if he suddenly runs off exploring.

    As to what her next project will be, Regine, who finished Poor Señorita on GMA Network recently, is scheduled to take on another soap in 2017. For now, she wants to rest and spend more time with Nate.

    Finally asked about her husband before the end of the interview—with talks swirling if he will bolt from TV5 like Sharon Cuneta and Aga Muhlach—she played safe and said it would be best to ask Ogie himself.

    “I really don’t know the status of his contract with TV5. Right now it’s extended and I think he has talked to MVP but I think there are certain things being ironed out.”

    What’s certain is that Regine will always take care of her boys as best she can.

    Visit pldthome.com/telpad/smartwatch.


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