Regus Philippines plans to put up airport workspaces


GLOBAL flexible workspace provider Regus plans to put up workstations in airports in the Philippines to meet growing demand for workspace.

In an interview on Friday, Regus Philippines country manager Lars Wittig told reporters that workstations in airports are among the types of flexible workspaces that Regus offers globally.

“We’re already in airports in Denmark, Copenhagen, in Heathrow, London and many other places, why not also in the Philippines?” Wittig said.

Wittig said airports are not only destinations for airplanes and air traffic but also places where people can host meetings.

“That’s part of our vision as we continue to take the leap in terms of innovation of flexible workspace in the Philippines,” Wittig said.

He said the company is aiming to put up Regus lounges in all the international airports in the country “starting with the terminals in Metro Manila, Davao and Cebu.”

Wittig said he is optimistic for the airport Regus lounge concept, especially with the new administration in the country.

“I’ve tried it before. It was very difficult, but there is a new administration that is much more open and is accessible to adding more facilities to the airports,” Wittig said.

Regus Philippines has already started talking with the Transportation department, according to Wittig.

“We have briefly started a dialogue. They’re more receptive and we seem to be getting more traction to the idea,” he said.

“I am always optimistic. I would love to see it happening this year,” Wittig said, adding that if it does not, he would be happy to see at least a decision reached on its approval.

Wittig noted that the demand for workspaces in the country continues to grow. “My obligation is to keep up with the demand,” he said.

In 2016, the number of inquiries received by Regus Philippines grew by 65 percent from the previous year to 1,000 inquiries per month, according to Wittig. Also last year, Regus Philippines opened eight new centers across the country in locations such as Davao, Cebu, Clark and Makati.

“If I had not expanded last year, I would have run out of workspaces. If I do not expand this year, I will again run out of workspaces,” he said.

He declined to give specific expansion plans for the year but said they are looking to establish centers in various locations, most of which are outside Metro Manila.

“With the proven record already in Clark, Cebu and Davao, we are very much looking into other tier 2 cities,” Wittig said.


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