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  1. Sir president, just my interpretation of Pope Francis’ resistance of you kissing his Fishermen’s Ring. I think it’s his question for you if you really want to make a difference in your country. A question if you really reject corruption in your government. The first rejection is his first question to you: “do you reject corruption and promise not allow any of your people to commit any form of it?” The second Isa confirmatory question : “are you really sure and promise to reject corruption in your government?” Then finally you tried the 3rd time saying that you are really sure, then he let you and accepted your commitment. Now, dear president, pls fulfill your promise and commitment not to allow any form of corruption in your government and the whole of our nation and let’s continue to enjoy Pope Francis’ blessings. I hope and pray you will be able to read this message sir.

  2. The Pope’s comment whilst welcome, is ambiguous.
    He is reported as saying “Reject all forms of corruption that divert resources from the poor”. He should have said “Reject all forms of corruption”.
    His, reported, statement can, and will be, read by those so minded to, as meaning: Corruption is fine, provided it doesn’t divert money from the poor. This in turn, can be read as Pope says some corruption is OK.
    Surely, that cannot have been the Pope’s message, can it?