• Reject those twerking jerks


    It was a disgusting show, to say the least. Liberal Party (LP) leaders should not have wasted time “investigating” those jerks who gyrated with scantily clad women dancers after a mass oath-taking ceremony in Laguna.

    If those men just took their oath minutes before the dirty-dancing gig, LP should have stripped them of membership right away. If they have long been with LP, they should be expelled. These are not the kind of political leaders we need.

    We need leaders to inspire us, to show good examples, not like them who take us to the gutter, who exploit women, and who squander public money.

    It was a shame that they were wearing LP’s yellow signature shirts while obviously enjoying their stage participation in the lewd performance of the sexy dance group called Playgirls.

    While it is true that politics is addition, it would only do LP more harm to accommodate party-hoppers like them. They joined LP not just for fun, but for the funds. But if LP is more interested in quantity over quality of its members, then we’re doomed.

    LP leaders should prove their commitment that they give premium consideration to the candidate’s integrity and “daang matuwid” by taking a decisive action to throw those twerking jerks out of the party.

    If it is true that senior officials of LP were thinking of dropping Francis Tolentino, chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) from its Senate slate for the 2016 elections, they better do it pronto.

    While Tolentino denied having the girls as a surprise gift to Laguna congressman Benjamin Agarao on his 57th birthday celebration, resourceful people have uploaded photos in social media showing the showgirls in previous political activities involving the Tolentinos in Tagaytay. Photographs from the Laguna event also showed Tolentino was seemingly enjoying the show, and did not see it discomforting at all.

    Agarao should not be spared. He allowed it to happen, and he also apparently enjoyed watching it, even if it was a gift from his friends. What kind of friends does he have? What kind of friends would engage in such a distasteful public show if they knew Agarao does not patronize such?

    Agarao claimed it was a private event because it was held in his family compound, which is a private place. I beg to disagree. It was a public event in a private place. Worse, he said he saw nothing wrong about it. Well, it looks like a normal gig for him and his friends.

    It is not enough that LP standard bearer Mar Roxas 2nd issued a statement the day after the deplorable Thursday dirty-dancing event, saying he was saddened that it happened and calling on party members not to resort to such gimmick in future activities.

    He said LP leaders were conducting a deeper investigation into how it all began. At the same time, he bewailed desperate efforts by some groups to drag his name into the deplorable incident.

    Well, he was just a few meters away where and when it happened. But it took him several hours to issue a statement on the nasty event, and the statement was even short of a decisive action on obviously erring party mates.

    In his statement on Friday, Roxas said: “Naniniwala akong may sapat na talino ang publiko upang tumutok sa makabuluhang diskurso ukol sa mga isyu at pagkatao ng mga kandidato. I remind those who stand with us on the Daang Matuwid: Iwaksi natin ang ganitong klaseng mga gimik, lalo pa’t nakakabastos ito, at walang naitutulong sa pagtataas ng antas ng pampublikong diskurso.”

    What happened in Sta. Cruz, Laguna on that fateful first day of October showed the rotten values of the politicians and their friends who allowed that dirty-dancing scene to happen in full public view. LP should take this as a painful lesson and a strong reminder to other politicians that the party does not tolerate such act by dislodging them. Reject those twerking political jerks!

    Roxas is right that the dirty dancing minutes after an oath-taking ceremony does not help at all in elevating public discourse. So, take action now! It is not an acceptable exercise that the twerking happened out of his sight, but he was just a few meters away in the same compound, as news reports said. Did he not hear the noise? Did he run away when he heard it? It was indeed sad that it happened, but something decisive should come out of it.

    LP does not need enemies if it keeps people like those in the Laguna twerking incident.

    It appears that some women LP members have more balls than their male leaders. Rep. Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao of Dinagat Islands, LP’s vice president for women, suggested that Tolentino be removed from the senatorial line-up if it would be proven that he was behind the incident.

    It is not enough that Franklin Drilon, Senate president and LP vice chairman, expressed disappointment over the incident. It is not enough to “strongly condemn” and say he “will not tolerate it.”

    If he is really means that such “sort of lewd and exploitative gimmickry is not befitting and unacceptable of members of the Liberal Party,” Drilon has to do something drastic beyond words. Otherwise, they can expect the unpleasant hashtags #TuwadNaDaan, #LiberalPanty, #daangmatuwad and other variations to linger until election time.

    To LP leaders, do us a favor. Show decisive leadership, please! Other political parties, learn from this unpleasant episode.


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    1. The LP (Lapiang Palpak) deserved to be damned for all time, but not for a mere sexy dancing show, the kind that you see on prime time TV everyday. Possession of a cheap taste is not a crime, but plunder is. Enough with all this misplaced indignation. Promoting homosexuality is even more revolting.

    2. Yeah, you’re right! i agree with you that these SB LPs who pretend to adhere “Tuwid na Daan” are bunch of hypocrite taking advantage with the poor who can’t find decent jobs. Lets expose their shenanigans and come election day..we’ll be the judge!