• Relaxed drive with the 2016 Ford Focus


    Ford-Focus20160809Mid-Tuesday morning, just as the sun has established its presence in the sky, its rays managed to fall upon speeding marvels of engineering on the North Luzon Expressway as a group of Ford’s fresh 2016 Focus cars made their way up north during the Ford Focus Media Day Drive. Hosted by Ford Philippines, the event was aimed at celebrating Ford’s more than capable compact car; the 2016 Ford Focus stays true to the tried and tested (and much upgraded) Ford technology under its hood while showing off the confidently sleek but classic, elegant yet aggressive, and sensual lines we have come to know of the newer Ford models.

    Ford was able to hold a relaxed drive in the capable and surprisingly practical 1.5L EcoBoost engine plus the 6-speed automatic transmission of the Focus; giving several auto-enthusiasts and analysts driving the cars more-than-enough power needed through the long stretches of our northern expressways; all the while being well taken-cared of inside the dual-zone climate controlled cabin that isolates the Focus’ interiors from the harsh natural elements, not without the sophisticated SYNC 2 giving the riders an infotainment and connectivity system that (as the name suggests) synchronizes with your mobile device that keeps music, calls, emails and text messages just a voice command away.

    While the Focus’ fairly firm sports suspension system, offering responsive handling for exhilarating drives could have been more forgiving to the inevitable bumps on the road, its confidence-inspiring Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS), that felt incredibly light to the touch, left nothing much to be desired while taking on the testing twisty provincial roads of Tarlac and Pampanga.

    The group of car enthusiasts and analysts were taken to the almost 80-year old Aquino Ancestral House in Concepcion, Tarlac, that is somewhat traditional European with its grand porches and prominent neo-classical columns is, where former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino and former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino built and raised their historic family and were given a glimpse of how they used to go about their daily life before moving to Manila. After that, lunch was served at Abe’s Farm; a delightfully quaint and very traditional Filipino restaurant, unmistakably inspired by the Filipino bahay kubo, in Magalang, Pampanga. The historic significance of the two places gave striking contrasts to what human engineering prowess used to offer and what it offers now in the three Focuses parked beautifully (and safely of course with the Enhanced Active Park Assist) in front of the establishments; creating a view holding almost a century’s worth of evolution in engineering technology.

    Heading back to Manila along NLEX, part of the group was greeted with an intimidating thunder storm; pouring torrential rains and howling winds that hit the car at broadside. The undaunted Focus easily drove through the cross-winds and rain proving the car’s ability to handle lateral forces with confidence while leaving its passengers unaware of the storm acting on it as sufficient noise cancelation treatment, climate control and unobstructed views thanks to heated rear window and exterior mirrors effectively worked to isolate the classy yet sporty dark gray leather and leatherette interiors and of course its passengers from the unfriendly weather.

    All in all, the Ford Focus Media Day Drive was a steady and relaxed drive up north showcasing the versatility of the 2016 Ford Focus. It is a family friendly compact with more than adequate safety and security features plus car entertainment capabilities expected of any desirable family car while holding more power than a 2.0-liter, offering 180 PS (177 horsepower) and 240 Newton-meters of torque in a humble 1.5-liter four cylinder EcoBoost engine that would be enough to give any speed freak a satisfying run without spending a fortune on fuel, proving itself a worthy addition to Ford’s incredibly popular line of cars.

    Kudos to Ford for yet another successful event. Looking forward to your next drive!


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