Reliving disco era

Becky Garcia

Becky Garcia

Disco music was born in the late 60s but it became most popular during the mid to late 70s. These were the days of the Hustle, Donna Summer, Saturday Night Fever and so many more. This was also when discotheques became the in thing. Disco was partying and this partying fever spilled over to the early 1980s, which saw the emergence of electronic dance music, house and new wave.

Later in the 80s, disco was reborn into other genres like post-disco, Italo disco and dance-pop became more popular. Rock music also continued to enjoy a wider audience. Also during this decade, several major electronic genres were developing like electro, techno, house, freestyle and Eurodance, until its prominence from the 1990s and beyond.

Gorgeous birthday girl  Agile Zamora

Gorgeous birthday girl
Agile Zamora

During this transition, the DJ became the focal point in many clubs and the preference for one DJ over the other led to many groups favoring the same DJ night after night. The end result? Well it was a non-stop party because the groups became friends and the DJs knew the crowd favorites. This is why to those who discoed during this era, life was indeed one big party.

The disco music of the 80s to 90s became the focal for the birthday celebration the birthday of one of Manila’s party girls, the beautiful and bubbly, Agile Zamora. Themed “Party people know how to enjoy life,” the celebration was held recently at the Sage of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City.

The 48-year-old birthday celebrant found quite a match made in heaven in husband, Disco King Wopsy Zamora. Wopsy earned this title after being the man behind the disco equipment of the disco era, lights, sounds and music. He was singularly responsible for equipping hundreds of discos both here and abroad.

With such a power party couple hosting the celebration, it was to be expected that the Shangri-La would be overrun by the hundreds of Agile’s friends and business associates of Wopsy who trooped in to celebrate what they knew would be the year’s best party. And party they did with the guests really dancing the night away amidst endless servings of food and drinks. It was the epic party of 2016.

Tiffany Cuna and Noel Onate

Tiffany Cuna and Noel Onate

Even those who thought they left their dancing shoes on were drawn out of their seats by the awesome party music. This is after all the party of the Disco King for the Disco Queen and the crème dela crème of DJs were on hand to provide the groove. Friends grooved in and twirled to the music of the country’s top DJs Boyet Almazan, Manolet “DJ Papi” Santos, Elmer Dado with his group, Grupo Timbale.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Wopsy, whose name is synonymous with the disco era and the main man of his own company, Amigo Anzia made a rare and limited performance just for his wife Agile.

Party people know how to enjoy life indeed, and partying is the ultimate fountain of youth. It seemed as though everyone was transported back in time that night and it seemed as though it was suddenly the 90s once again.

The youthful beauty of the belle of the party shone the whole night, and was the ultimate proof that partying and enjoying life could turn back the hands of time. The message to all was clear, life is one big party, lets party on.

Jazz Carreon, Agile Zamora, former governor Chavit Singson and Peter Coyuito

Jazz Carreon, Agile Zamora, former governor Chavit Singson and Peter Coyuito

Wishing my dear Agile all of the very best. Age is just an indication of how long we have been partying and having a blast on this planet. Cheers!


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