Remarks of TMPC President during 6th PIMS


Ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon to all of you! I am thrilled to welcome you to the opening ceremony of Toyota’s booth here at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show! First of all, I would like to thank CAMPI for initiating to stage this world-class motor show for it displays the strong and healthy disposition of the automotive industry today!

This year, the Toyota booth will be every bit experiential showing our brand’s various faces. The first corner is the Hybrid hub wherein the all-new Prius will have its national debut showcasing that we continue to be at the forefront in this specific technology. The second zone, on the other hand shall showcase Toyota’s newly launched models — the IMV line-up namely the Hilux, the Fortuner and the Innova. We have also prepared the locally-made Vios with its brand new engine and transmission. In addition to that, we will also present our “waku-doki” side with a motor sports and TRD area plus a space for parts and accessories. All in all, these models are just a few examples of how passionate we are in constantly bringing fun and great value vehicles to the Filipinos.

Moving forward, as we invite all of you today to “Steer the Future,” we have brought in a concept car that aims to truly excite. For the first time in the country, we will bring in the Toyota FT-1, a representation of where our brand is headed as we move forward. The FT-1 aims to show what can be achieved when the focus is creating a sports car design that will truly bring the fun in driving. This concept car that we will showcase for the next 5 days retraces our sports car heritage all the way back to the 2000GT coupe, released in 1967. As part of our global movement to invigorate our products with energy, passion and “waku-doki,” which by the way, directly translates to “heart-pounding fun” — all these descriptions are seen in the FT-1. This new approach shows our customers a vehicle that connects more deeply with drivers, creating a more satisfying ownership experience that complements Toyota’s reputation for quality, durability, and reliability.

Before I end, ladies and gentlemen, please do invite your family and friends and experience what Toyota is all about here at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show! Thank you very much and good afternoon!


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