• Remember Noy for vote-buying in Corona trial


    The result of a fourth quarter Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey does not bode well for administration standard bearer Mar Roxas, as well as for his no. 1 endorser, Noynoy Aquino.

    The SWS survey’s outcome released on Wednesday indicates a significant drop in the President’s public satisfaction rating, which is not surprising.

    Although Aquino’s net satisfaction rating was considered “good,” it showed that more people realized that the quality of life in the country has not significantly improved.
    And this inutile chief executive has the temerity to say he wants to be remembered as a “bringer of hope and optimism.”

    Well, we will remember him for diverting billions of pesos in appropriated public funds to Liberal Party cronies’ projects under the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP); widespread poverty, hunger and homelessness; the deplorable plight of the labor and the agricultural sectors; the abhorrent state of public health services; the worst state of mass transportation ever; and the massive corruption.

    He will be remembered for using millions of pesos in illegal DAP funds in “vote-buying” for the 2012 conviction of ex-chief justice Renato Corona six months after the Supreme Court ordered the land distribution in Hacienda Luisita.

    He will be credited for dictating on the Senate to investigate Vice President Jojo Binay on ancient allegations.

    He will be remembered for foot-dragging in sending rescue and relief operations to Leyte, particularly Tacloban City in the wake of super typhoon Yolanda.

    He will also be remembered for sending the Special Action Force (SAF) commandos to their suicide mission, “Oplan Exodus,” under the supervision of a suspended police official.

    The foregoing events are but a few of Noynoy’s “crimes” that do not bode well for his 2016 mascot Roxas and his running-mate Leni Robredo, who profess to extend tuwid na daan program.

    May the Lord Almighty forbid another six years of agonizing moro-moro, of fictitious good governance and selective justice.

    Let’s hope for a genuine change when a new administration takes over come June 2016.
    Tapos na ang kaligayahan niyo!

    Go for the kill!
    I support an all out military assault against the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), even if the military has lost a number of soldiers.

    At least three soldiers and 15 ASG bandits were killed in a military operation in Barangay Macalang, Al-Barka, Basilan.

    Our prayers go out to the bereaved families of the slain soldiers belonging to the Western Mindanao Command. Ten other government troopers were reportedly wounded.

    Western Mindanao Command units involved in the offensive include troopers from the 104th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion, 4th Special Forces Battalion, Marine Special Operations Group, and 12th Light Armor Cavalry.

    The nation must commend and honor their gallantry. We salute them!
    Now, the military must go for the kill!


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    1. I hope Duterte wins with his common people priorities. Meantime his gov’t. can sue this gangs headed by PNona. Let them get busy “magpaliwanag sa presinto” sa mga
      katarantaduhang ginawa nila sa bayan while Digong undo the harm done to the daily lives of the poor. Six months nalang mananagot na ang mga hinayupak, yeeeheeey!

    2. Chris Espiritu on

      Penoy will be remembered as the most inutile, incompotent, corrupt and eccentric president this country ever had. Mar Roxas, his equally idiotic clone will continue his so-called legacy – the legacy of incompetence.

    3. The remaining probable legacy of President Nona would be to finally emasculate the Abu Sayyaf !!!
      Last chance…..

      Regarding ‘daang matuwid”, do we still look forward to it past 2016?, NoNa.
      Should we vote Liberal Party candidates ? , NoNa !

    4. Go after the master perpetrator once he’s out of office; through the ‘tuwid na daan”” straight to prison!.

    5. This MAMASAPANO MASSACRE should not have happenned the lives of SAF44 Troopers could have been saved if not for the inutile Commander-In-Chief, Defense Secretary and DILG Secretary. Likewise, the AFP Generals who has directly or indirectly involved in the Mamasapano Carnage.
      WHY, they are inutile why because they did not used their common sense in the early 70’s Philippine Constabulary (RANGERS) Troopers was always outnumber but never been outfought. This was really true judging from the MEDAL OF VALORS given to personnel it was with the PC Troopers that has the most numbers of receipient.
      NO NEED FOR 105MM HOWITZER CANNON, they repel the enemy by just firing at will their 81MM Mortars or 61MM Mortars. so you dont need a Battalion of Soldiers to reinforce.
      In the case of Mamasapano Massacre the AFP needs only small army troopers with two (2) 81MM Mortars needs only at least 8 personnel to manned said Mortars and it could be fired at will just in the edge of the national highway of the Mamasapano Bridge (Maganoy Bridge) the enemy can be seen in the cornfield. If that 81MM Mortars were used they could have withdrew rapidly.
      Ang laki ng ulo ng Presidente, DND Secretary, DILG Secretary at mga General pero ang utak kasing laki ng mongo.
      Ibalik ang defunct PC Troopers at ibigay sa kanila ang dapat na DUTY, FUNCTIONS AND MISSIONS insurgency. Let the PNP handle the public safety the general police duties.
      The Philippine Constabulary Troopers before was initially task to handle insurgency. This was the expertise of the PC hunting down insurgents in the mountains. The PC Troopers can strike anywhere from any places in the country, they are task to strike for mission to accomplish, then withdraw and given another assignmment to strike for a mission to accomplish. They can be moved and brought to anywhere anytime of the day or night.
      Now insurgency give the people the best of options, JUST INSURGENCY FOR THE PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY, six (6) battalions two (2) each in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
      Let the Police do its mandate to WATCH THE CITIES, MUNICIPALITIES AND BARANGAYS.

    6. Pnoy and his cabinet members together with the Liberal party senators and congressmen should be put in jail after his term,they connived to each other to loot the national treasury and subvert the justice system to this country, They are mother of all “KAWATANS”

    7. Pnoy will be remember as the worst president in the Philippines ,
      And I guess no one will be able to break it, this record is for Pnoy alone and no one in his right mind will attempt to do the same.
      Vote wisely! No more government run by only few and wealthy.

      • What we need is to elect more actors, actress and comedians maybe a boxer or two that will show up a couple of times a year, that should fix everything.