Remembering Dinah Dominguez



TODAY IS All Saints’ Day, and in local showbiz we are mourning the loss of those who have gone ahead of us just recently.

The latest celebrity to write 30 as we say in publishing is 54 year-old Dinah Dominguez who shot to fame during the ‘80s. The singer-actress succumbed to heart attack last October 14.

Showbiz news anchor-entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin distinctly remembers Dinah’s visit to her radio station years ago. With a photo album of her grandmother, Dinah took to the airwaves her “panawagan” for her missing kin.

The late singer-actress Dinah Dominguez with her grandchild PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/DINAHDOMINGUEZ

The late singer-actress Dinah Dominguez with her grandchild PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/DINAHDOMINGUEZ

Despite veritable signs of incoherence, Fermin allowed Dinah to go on air even if she said that her granny had passed away sometime in 1924. It was actually the oldie’s missing bones in her gravesite that Dinah wanted found.

* * *

Despite his earlier pronouncement, President Rody Duterte is no longer making public the drug watch list of some 50 showbiz personalities.

KAPPT or Actors’ Guild President Rez Cortez had earlier expressed his apprehension towards the move as he enjoined his members to coordinate their surrender efforts with him rather than be publicly shamed. Even Duterte’s staunch supporter Robin Padilla echoed the same sentiment.

Vignettes gathered from a source identified with a male broadcaster the identity of the alleged No. 1 among drug pushers on the list: a popular male TV/film celebrity. While we obtained the same information, there’s every reason to doubt his involvement just because partygoer-friends surround him.

In all probability, we told our source, the celebrity may have tried doing drugs on a couple of occasions but to say that he’s into selling particularly Ecstasy pills is unfathomably stupid.

In agreement, our source said, “Come to think of it, why does he need to make extra money when his showbiz career pays so much more?”

* * *

GUESS WHO? Because she’s in the thick of news these days, a veteran showbiz scribe couldn’t help but vividly recall an incident involving her and a sexy dramatic actor (SDA) who used to rent separate units in a plush townhouse.

On foot, the currently controversial celebrity (CCC) one day caught the SDA washing his car in front of his unit. Hadn’t they been neighbors, CCC wouldn’t have realized how gorgeous the shirtless SDA could be who got his boxer shorts wet.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, CCC told SDA, “I’m inviting you to come to my unit tonight. I’ll have food prepared for you.”

In a huff, SDA came knocking on CCC’s door at the appointed time. To his surprise, there were just the two of them, and one thing led to another.

But this isn’t the catch. Hoping he’d chance upon CCC the next day, he patiently waited at his garage but only to get snubbed as if nothing had taken place the previous night.

* * *

Here’s another one: A talent manager (TM) swears he won’t donate his ward’s used clothes to a charitable undertaking led by a female TV personality (FP) anymore, and why?

Reveals the TM, “I donated boxes of used clothes for her (FP’s) project thinking it was for a cause. But I was mistaken. Weeks after I had those boxes picked up and brought to her, I saw her wearing one of those signature blouses that my artist wore for a magazine pictorial, and on TV at that!”

Funny thing was, his ward caught a glimpse of FP, too. “She immediately rang me up to ask if I did donate the clothes I asked from her, and I said I did. How stupid of me not to think that before she distributed the donated stuff, she would sort them out and choose the ‘good ones.’ Never again!”


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