Remembering Donna Villa on her 1st death anniversary



PLUS: Controversial actress can’t get over failed romance
Tomorrow, January 17, marks the first death anniversary of actress-turned-producer Donna Villa of Golden Lions Films.

Vignettes distinctly remembers the afternoon when—on the radio program we co-anchor—we received a news report about Tita Donna’s death.

In a huff, we had to confirm the online news through a frantic call to her family friend cum secretary Tita Nene Mercado. We thought she would surely be the first to know.

Totally clueless, Tita Nene immediately hung up but promised to get back to us as soon as she spoke to the family. Within minutes a wailing Tita Nene was on the other end of the line. The sad news was true.

All along, as Vignettes learned from the stories during Tita Donna’s wake, Tita Nene knew that the Caparas family was reeling from a serious crisis. But the private person that she was, Tita Donna wanted her condition kept under wraps. No one in showbiz knew she fell seriously ill.

It was in early December 2016 when the lady producer was confined at a hospital in Manila where her family spent Christmas until she succumbed to cancer.

Carlo Caparas and Donna Villa during happier times THE MANILA TIMES PHOTO

“Pero nagbilin na raw pala siya kay Direk Carlo (J. Caparas, her husband), she wanted to be cremated. Kalahati ng abo, gusto niyang isaboy sa favorite resort niya sa Cebu [her hometown]noong bata pa siya, the other half to be kept by her family,” a showbiz friend at the wake said.

Since his wife’s demise, Direk Carlo hasn’t resumed work. “A great part of him died. Donna was his life, she was the be-all and end-all of his mortal existence,” Tita Nene shared.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Here’s an easy one.

More often, we need not look for showbiz stuff to write about. They come to us.

Shortly after the holidays, we rekindled ties with a couple our age who owns a resto-bar in Pasay City.

The wife happens to be a kumare of an adoptive mom (AM) to a controversial actress (CA). “We were four in our peer group back in college. My kumare came from a well-to-do family in Binondo, which was also into restaurant business.”

For some reason, AM couldn’t bear a child of her own so she decided to adopt the newborn (who grows up to become CA) whose biological mom worked as her waitress.

“Ang alam ko, nag-ampon uli ‘yung kumare ko, babae uli na bale ‘kapatid’ na rin ni [CA’s name].”

Our female friend is all-praises for CA most especially how she has lavished AM with stupendous love. “My kumare suffered a stroke, it’s [CA] who has been taking care of all her needs. She even had a house built for her mom. But what upsets my kumare is the seeming misfortune that has befallen her adopted daughter sa larangan ng pag-ibig.”

Of the two much-vaunted showbiz relationships that the CA has gone through, the last–nearly a year ago–appears to be a lot more difficult to get over with.

While there isn’t a single report about self-destructive actions, CA’s posts on her social media account—to this day—clearly and strongly indicate that she has yet to rise above and recover from her second failed romance with an actor.

“Di nga ba kahit yung mga hugot lines niya in her own show, idinadaan man niya sa comedy, halatang hindi pa siya nakaka-move on,” our showbiz-updated female friend quipped.


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