Remembering Kuya Germs

German Moreno

German Moreno

“The best and the most beautiful things he did in show business couldn’t be seen nor touched, because it’s felt in the heart.”

This must be the intense words lingering in the mind of every personality in local show business, who in one way or another, was touched by the late Master Showman German “Kuya Germs” Moreno.

It was in the early morning of January 8, 2016 when the unfortunate news on social media spread like wildfire—“Kuya Germs passed away from cardiac arrest!” —a year since he had a stroke.

It was indeed a sorrowful Friday when literally, the whole showbizlandia cried in grief because of the loss of an icon.

“There was a deafening lull immediately after [Kuya Germs’ demise] but I guess life has to go on. He’s gone but the memories and legacy live on. I have tons of stories to tell but an article is not enough,” initiated John Nite, Moreno’s nephew who lived in the same house with him for 22 years.

Nite also worked with the late icon as co-host in the long-running defunct GMA Supershow, the teen-oriented program That’s Entertainment and his last TV show, Walang Tulugan With The Master Showman.

“It is no joke to lose a friend, a mentor and an uncle, all rolled into one. I needed a short pause in whatever I was doing and I just tried to embrace the loss,” he said, almost whispering.

Moreno’s legacy in show business is larger than life. He is a friend to everybody, a shoulder to cry on, an actor and TV host, an entertainer, and a star builder.

“Frankly, he had never really subscribed to these adjectives tagging him as an ‘icon’, ‘superstar’, etc. He had always thought of himself as an actor doing his job to the best of his ability. I think if you talk about the legacy of Kuya Germs, it’s loyalty and professionalism—regardless of your stature in show business,” Nite continued, adding that Moreno’s generosity and sincerity to help those in need whether in

kind, favor or support sometimes pointed to being a fool himself.

People say that patience is a virtue but for Kuya Germs, as a builder of stars himself, it was something that came so natural and real.

“He always believed that there’s a potential in all of us if you just work hard and motivate. I can still remember Kuya Germs telling neophytes never to give up on something they wanted in life.”

His That’s Entertainment artists numbering to almost 200 and Walang Tulugan untapped talents proved it all.

“Basta, pagtitiyagaan ka niya hanggang sa mahinog ka at ma-realize mo your own potential and confidence. Hindi kasi siya selfish. He will share and give you all the tools and pointers to make it in this business. He’ll tell you that money is important but it’s not the most important in this business. Ang tunay na kayamanan ay pag marami kang kaibigan at pag marami ang nagmamahal sa iyo. ‘Yan ang tunay na kayamanan,” Nite lengthily enumerated.

Moreno still had many things to fulfill, he almost never rested but sadly, life caught up with him. Some of the programs left behind by him were Walang Tulugan With The Master Showman on GMA 7 and Walang Siesta, a radio program on AM station DZBB.

Being one of the pillars of Kapuso Network, in one of the most notable eulogies, the GMA management promised Moreno’s family that they will continue everything that he had left behind, especially his beloved programs.

“There were verbal assurances for a spin up show, a plan to name one of the studios after him, a plan to absorb some of the kids by the network, etc. We understand that all of these are the network’s discretion and we are still waiting for the updates,” he said followed by a long sigh.

Incidentally, the Walk of Fame Philippines, one of the pet projects of the beloved icon is still in operation and is becoming one of the tourist attractions in Eastwood, Pasig.

The late Master Showman used to unveil and immortalize celebrities and personalities in the tradition of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, USA. The immortalization continues as new names of personalities were successfully added on December 1 with the new Board of Trustees, spearheaded by his son Federico.

In addition, Moreno’s commitment with FAMAS, Star Awards and other institutions are all being fullfilled by Freddie.

For Nite, what is television or show business without Kuya Germs?

“I can’t imagine television without Kuya Germs. It’s really hard and unexplainable,” he mused, holding back tears from flowing.

Undoubtedly, show business owned Kuya Germs. But for now, he is in a better place with the One Up Above.

As his first death anniversary approaches, let us all remember Kuya Germs’ generosity as we shout,“Walang Tulugan!” Without any doubt, the loud cry resonates in every corner of the hearts of those he touched.



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