Remembering a simple, good man


Successful men have always been particularly interested in the creation of material things as their legacy. Concrete edifices, monuments, wealth, power or fame—these are just some of the stuff men want to create, to leave in this world. Only a few good men see the value of leaving the physical world with a respected name to be remembered by.

Loreto Ata (December 10, 1951-July 7, 2017)

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office has been so fortunate to have had a good man in the person of Atty. Loreto Ata, who assumed office as member of the Board of Directors on September 13, 2016.

Unfortunately, his stint with the agency was cut short by his unexpected demise on July 7. As a law practitioner, he exercised his craft and shared his legal opinions whenever needed by PCSO, imparting more than enough views on matters making the agency more effective in accordance with the law.

Atty. Ata was a partner of the Medialdea Ata Bello Suarez since 2007, and of the following law offices: Cayetano Sebastian Dado and Cruz (2001 to 2007); De Borja Medialdea Ata Bello Guevarra and Serapio (1990 to 1995); and Ponce Enrile Cayetano Bautista and Reyes (1983 to 1990).

Director Ata was a man of principle and humility. While others invest on material things for a living, he did invest in people.

“He planted seeds of humility and respect in every people he met,” his wife, Lucia Jemina, said in her message.

“I am what I am now because of my brother, I owe it to him,” expressed brother Rolly while holding his tears on interment day.

Daughter Anna Theresa Ata Santiago described her father as strict when it comes to education. He was someone who wanted to see not just good but better grades on the report card of his children, not knowing it was his way of preparing them to achieve and accomplish more.

General Manager Alexander Balutan and Director Marlon Balite paid their last respects and honor to the late public servant on July 12.

In his eulogy, PCSO Chairman Jose Jorge Corpuz looked back on how modest and humble, yet full of wisdom, Atty. Ata was. He also shared how the board member wanted to go to South Korea, but regrettably it never happened.

GM Balutan meanwhile said in an official statement that Atty. Ata’s passing was a great loss to PCSO.

“We extend our sincere condolences to the family of Director Ata,” GM Balutan expressed.

With all the words shared by the people around him, and people who knew him better, Atty. Loreto Ata proved that men don’t need to be Alexander the great, whose name and accomplishments were in the books of history, to be remembered by.

As long as one can change something into something better than the way it was before, we will be remembered through our legacy of living our lives to its fullest.



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