Reminding BSA to respect the UN


AT the risk of being accused of “beating a dead horse,” we feel it is important to again remind the Aquino Administration of the gravity of the recent findings of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, which declared the continued detention of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo “arbitrary and illegal under international law.”

This time, however, the reminder is encouraged by a positive development, the appointment of Commission on Audit (COA) chief Heidi Mendoza as the UN Undersecretary-General of Internal Oversight Services. This is in recognition of Secretary Mendoza’s qualifications and effective performance at the national level, and we congratulate her on her promotion to the world body. It is an appointment that should be considered a legitimate point of pride for the Philippines.

We would expect that President BS Aquino 3rd and his administration would naturally take pride in Mendoza’s appointment as well, which is all the more reason for them to respect the conclusions of the UN working group in the case of former president Arroyo, and act quickly to correct the mistreatment they have inflicted on her.

To reiterate, the steps recommended by the UN working group include affording her the opportunity to post bail – which will allow her to seek treatment for a serious medical condition – granting her just compensation for the time she has been illegally detained, and pursuing the charges against her, if that is the real intention of the current government, in a fair, efficient, and transparent manner consistent with national and international law and respect for human rights.

For the four-plus years the former president has been detained, President Aquino and those who do his bidding have displayed no interest whatsoever in “seeking justice” for the crimes they accuse Mrs. Arroyo of committing, but rather contemptuous, petty vindictiveness, and so we are not actually very hopeful that our erring leaders will see the light now.

But they still do have the opportunity to do so, and at least partially amend their errors. With the appointment of Secretary Mendoza to the UN’s auditory oversight agency, it is an opportunity they must seize immediately. For how can one official of a government be internationally recognized for her professionalism and propriety, while the leaders of that very same government behave with callous impunity, and mocking disrespect of carefully deliberated international findings?

The leader who can tolerate that incredible contradiction is indeed a leader who is incapable of shame, compassion, or civilized decency. And if President Aquino believes that his position as the leader of a nation of 100 million insulates him from personal approbation, he should be reminded that the United Nations can and regularly does sanction individuals for their egregious behavior.

There was a time not too long ago when Aquino harbored illusions of being recognized among the pantheon of the world’s peacemakers. With the UN findings on the Arroyo case, however, it is now increasingly likely he will find his legacy likened to those of the world’s villains –Uganda’s Idi Amin or Haiti’s Duvalier father and son.


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  1. Instead of reminding the UN to respect Philippine laws which were violated by GMA when she was the sitting President & for which she is now treated with extra-special care in a hospital in contrast to other criminals with minor crimes detained in overcrowded jails, this toxic trash masquerading as a broadsheet, it it’s contempt for a popular PNoy chose the side of the arrogant criminal accused of a non-bailable crime. Chino Roces must surely be turning in his grave.

    • Oh. So now she’s already guilty……(slow clap) You are even more knowledgeable of the law than UN. Congratulations.

  2. >>> What else could we expect to this abnoy-retarded BSC-Aquino3rd government adminstration. They are nothing but trying hard stupid and BRAIN-DRAINED PRESIDENT.

  3. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    15 October 2015

    Frist of all, the United Nations is wrong to anchor its recommendation viz-a-viz former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on an allegation “that her continued detention” is “arbitrary and illegal under international law.

    Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, IN FACT, is charged with the non-bailable crime of “rigging the elections of 2007” before the Regional Trial Court in Pasig City, and with the other non-bailable crime of Plunder before the Sandiganbayan.

    She is being detained properly and strictly under the Laws of the Philippines. The Government in fact is being lenient toward her because instead of being detained in the National Penitentiary in Muntinlupa City, she is given the benefit of detention in a public hospital because of an alleged illness. [She may in fact be feigning illness because she continues to serve as a Representative from Pampanga, and is reported intent on running for reelection to that office.]

    Secondly, the Laws of the Philippines are binding on Filipino citizens who are charged with crimes in the country, and may not be overridden by international laws.


  4. Carlito Yambao on

    You must be dumb comment LA702. Why will the UN try her for plunder when the case is in the PH. I don’t know how you could not comprehend that it’s not political persecution when they file case after another. Has any court proven that she’s guilty? Your President Abnoy is just like you with shallow perception of basic human rights. Have you asked yourself why he’s doing this to her? Best description is vindictivenes, mis-administration with substandard leadership and management. The Bottom line— pal pak na gobyerno. Why did we get in this quagmire why?

  5. The leader who can tolerate that incredible contradiction is indeed a leader who is incapable of shame, compassion, or civilized decency.

    Proven time and time again and yet what will anyone do about it ? Don’t look to the government they were rendered useless when they stole the pork barrel fund. Don’t look for the heads of the agencies who Aquino appointed. The president is the absolute ruler of his kingdom, controls everything but responsible for nothing.

  6. Gloria Arroyo is in detention for plunder, a non-bailable crime under Philippine laws. GMA as president, used the powers of her office to encourage corruption. Gloria Arroyo’s plunder case is a crime against the people. I think the UN body should try her for plunder on behalf of the government of the Philippines.

    Why blame Aquino for the consequences of GMA’s action? Her detention is not the result of political persecution or arbitrary detention as the UN body say it is. Anybody would have done the same thing, Aquino just happened to be the one sitting in Malacanang.

    • Before the 2010 election, they (Aquino and company) demonized Gloria Arroyo, persecuting her up to this time. Now, they, again, demonizing the Binay family.
      The reason why he and company is hell bent and really wanting a win for Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo because he knew he will face many charges and with high probability of being detained too.
      Binay will be our short-lived president because he will be impeached. The ground works is obvious. They want a win for Robredo or Escudero so that anyone will take over as president after the impeachment of Binay.

    • LA, show us the evidence of GMA’s plunder.

      Eh, di wow! Talaga naman these N__tards! Dead horse talaga ito si BS! :)