• Remorseless Duterte goes ballistic


    PRESIDENTIAL candidate Rodrigo Duterte was leading in surveys until he shot himself in the foot with that revolting comment on an Australian rape victim.

    A simple apology could have helped salvage this situation but it seems an apology is never forthcoming from this self-righteous man. Duterte reminds me of the current tenant of Malacañang who can never be made accountable for anything amiss under his administration.

    Instead of acknowledging his mistake meekly, he goes ballistic and lashes out at those who were appalled by the shit that comes from his mouth. He said he was angry and wasn’t joking when he commented on the rape of missionary Jacqueline Hamill. Well, very few disagree with him. As he himself had said, he was angry because a mayor wasn’t the first in the gang-rape of Hamill.

    This is easy to believe because Duterte has never shown any respect for women. An aggrieved wife of a Davao police officer found no solace from Duterte when she complained that the husband had abandoned her and their children in favor of another woman. What would you expect from an avowed womanizer?

    It’s now apparent that this presidential wannabe is so full of himself that he couldn’t believe he’s capable of saying or doing anything wrong. And woe to those who believe otherwise. “I will kill you” are words that easily comes out of his mouth.

    No, these words aren’t said solely against criminals. He had also vowed to kill laborers who’ll organize unions in free trade zones. He harks no opposition to his decisions, daring authorities and justice officials to move against him. Is this the kind of president that could reform the country? Nah, he needs to reform himself first.

    Duterte is most willing to give up the Philippine claim of the West Philippine Sea so long as China builds trains in the country and gives the Philippines a share in the exploitation of the WPS resources.

    He sees nothing wrong in the New People’s Army’s demanding and raising revolutionary tax. He urges people to pay the tax. The tax collection will help the NPA in fighting the government and in killing more soldiers and policemen. With such irresponsible comment, he might find it difficult to secure the loyalty of soldiers and policemen should he win, heaven forbid.

    On May 9, the electorate shouldn’t ignore all of these warning signs of an upcoming fascist regime in favor of a demagogic promise to wage a bloody war against criminals.



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    1. China is the bigger problem, their end game is domination of Asia. They are preparing a massive military machine juggernaut for this end. They have no mercy to Filipinos and they will do more damage, than Japanese Imperial army ever has. The signs of the times clearly shows, how many Western ships and navies are preparing for a war with China. Philippines needs a strong leader that can strengthen its insides, Duterte is a bitter medicine to swallow, but it will strengthen the insides and clean it out. Philippines does not need a weakling at this time and hour. Even God chose King Cyrus an unbeliever, a pagan and a womaizer, the king of Persia to free the Jews and build them a temple.

    2. Akala mo lahat ng sinasabing plano ni Duterte sa rally ay final na, Lahat na yan ay draft that will be enhanced into legalistic wordings and be voted in the congress or Executive Orders. Gayon din ang plano ng ibang presidential candidate

    3. Duterte with his mouth and showings is a dangerous candidate. It seems he will be more of embarssment and liability to the nation. He should not be a president.

    4. What we need now is to strengthen our reserve force. Ibalik ang ROTC, kaya malakas loob ng China dahil alam nila walang kwenta reserve force natin at mas malala military equipment natin, kaya nga mababa tingin sa atin ng mga ibang bansa. Hindi tayo makikipag gyera pero at least we can show the world na handa kami sa kung anuman pwede mangyari. Hindi puro clash of clans o farmville lang alam ng mga bata.

    5. I find it rather disturbing that duterte will just concede our claim sa south china sea just for what? To have railway systems? WOW ANG BABAW. He DOES NOT DESERVE TO OUR president since he already shown that he is a weakling, kaya lang pala niya mga pwede isalvage pero he cannot stand up to china at least to say that this place is ours. Instead of rallying the people just as what the vietnamese did to the world that their sovereignty cannot be violated, etong si duterte pinapahina ang pilipinas! PWEDE NAMAN TAYO MANGUTANG SA IBA HUWAG LANG SA CHINA NA HALATA NA GUSTONG KAMKAMIN ANG BUONG SOUTH CHINA SEA. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR DUTERTE!
      I am of chinese descent, i was born here and this is the only country i will die for if it need be, that i have come to realized all the more when china started to grab our territories.
      Nagflip flop si duterte dito, now he is professing that ipaglalaban niya south china sea pero open siya na huwag iclaim basta may kapalit. WOW ANG BABAW TALAGA.

    6. I agree that Duterte is a foul mouth person, speaking the lingo of kanto boys, but on WPS,the proposed plan of Duterte is factual and acceptable. We cannot win a fight with China with our present military capabilities, and about Americans helping us fighting that war, maybe logistic supports, but its the Filipino soldiers that will perish. Duterte said that he will not cede that island to the Chinese, and since they had created a stronghold, why not talk; listen what China can offer for the use of our island, we even give the US bases to use in our mainland. Communication is the best solution to any problems