• Renaming pork barrel a form of ‘trickery’


    Well, well, well. Getting clearer and clearer that the citizens cannot be fooled anymore by B.S. Aquino and cohorts And it also is good to know that there is now a dividing line among Lolong Senators on who is and against the scrapping of the PDAF and the other cash perks (gifts) which these hypocrites want to include in their budget. I hope JV Ejercito is serious in his pronouncements considering he is a neophyte Senator who is expected not to agree in the scrapping of all Porks. Well, for Aquilino Pimentel the III, I am not surprised. He already tasted the power of money during his first term and is already attached to it. Aquilino Pimentel II (ex senator of the land) should be ashamed of his son. Nene Pimentel did not rear him well.

    Inocent, villaflordeon@ymail.com


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