• Renaming pork barrel a form of trickery


    I find it so strange that all these experts suddenly seem to know so much about how easy its been to steal money in huge quantities but never had any inkling it was going on before. I agree totally it has to be changed & every single centavo has to be accounted for to stop all these politicians from stealing. I dont trust a single one of them as they have all grown up with knowing how easy it is to steal this money & get away with it, thus all have been doing it. Where are all these so called reporters in this country, instead of just asking stupid questions of politicians & blindly believing them dig deeper & work on the premise that they might be stealing. The pinoy doesnt seem to be able to see what might happen they have to wait until a whistle blower opens his moputh & then the country starts crying as a whole.

    Peter, peter.king2008@yahoo.com.uk


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