• Rent-a-car syndicate busted


    THE Philippine National Police (PNP) chief on Monday said investigators are looking into possible involvement of some bank employees with a syndicate engaged in an elaborate multimillion-peso scheme involving car loans secured from banks, unsuspecting individuals and financial firms.

    Director General Ronald dela Rosa presented 107 of the 407 cars that had been recovered by the PNP with the busting of the syndicate engaged in the so-called “Rent-Sangla” swindling scheme.

    The cars had been bought using the car loans and later rented out by the syndicate to third parties whom the lenders do not know.

    After disposing off the vehicles, mostly SUVs, members of the syndicate who had rented out the cars are never heard of by the creditors.

    “Sangla” when used as a verb is hock or pawn in English.

    The vehicles were recovered by the PNP Highway Patrol Group (HPG) under Chief Supt. Antonio Gardiola Jr. during a series of operations in Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog and Central Luzon.

    “Maybe the suspects have contacts in the banks,” dela Rosa told a news briefing.

    The PNP chief immediately clarified that he is not making a conclusion on the case, pointing out that they just are not ruling out possible involvement of bank employees in the racket.

    “[I just want to have a clearer picture of the investigation. We need statements coming from the bank. Were bank people not alarmed when one person was asking for a loan to be used for buying 16 cars]?” dela Rosa said.

    It is believed that some 1,800 motor vehicles had figured in the Rent-Sangla” scheme.

    Several persons including Tychicus Nambio, the alleged live-in partner of alleged mastermind Rafaela Anunciacion, have been arrested and are now under investigation for alleged involvement in the illegal activity.
    Police are hunting down Anunciacion, her secretary Eleonor Constantino Rosales, agent Anastacia Cauyan and Jhennelyn Berroya.

    “I am endorsing to the Department of Justice the request of HPG to place five other suspected syndicate members under an immigration lookout bulletin to prevent their escape and hasten their arrest,” dela Rosa said.
    He ordered the Highway Patrol Group to expedite the processing and release of recovered vehicles to their rightful owners.

    Gardiola said authorities have a hard time in busting the syndicate because they have “perfected” the scheme, which, he added, was in operation since 2007.

    Dela Rosa said the group’s operations even reach southern Mindanao.


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