Reopen Aquino-Galman case, President urged


President Rodrigo Duterte was urged to reinvestigate the killing of Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and his alleged assassin, Rolando Galman.

In a petition letter that the Movement for National Salvation (MNS) plans to send to Malacañang, the group said that it is high time that the government should revisit and reinvestigate the case that has spanned four administrations and put 16 men in jail.

Retired Colonel Reynaldo Cabauatan, MNS president and Marcos loyalist, said more than three decades have passed and many people are still interested to know the truth behind the controversy hounding the Aquino- Galman double murder case.

Cabauatan said that the case had been investigated so many times by previous administrations but the people do not believe the results of the investigations.

“The Agrava Commission in 1983 which resulted in minority and majority reports being separately submitted by its chairman and members respectively; and the reopening of the trial upon orders of a post –Edsa Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee after it reversed the acquittal of all accused by Sandiganbayan under Justice Manuel Pamaran in the first trial which eventually led to the conviction of the 16 accused in 1990, the public’s interest in the truth has never been truly served,” he said.

The retired colonel added that former Air Force Captain Felipe Valerio can help shed light to the case.

Cabauatan said the government can compel Valerio to return home because the arrest warrant issued by the Sandiganbayan against the former Air Force official is still in effect.

The group also asked the chief executive to create a body tasked to reinvestigate the Aquino-Galman double murder case.

“It’s time to correct our history,” Cabautan said.


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  1. I agree to re-open the case under DU30, previous witnesses who are still alive will get proper protection from the government.

  2. Absolutely! Philippine history has been distorted to benefit the interests of the yellow crooks and catholic bishops who usurped power after EDSA 86. They were able to amass hundreds of billions from people’s money while fooling and marginalizing the Filipinos for 30 years while . All they did was blame Marcos again and again. Today the people know better and reject the ridiculous claims to heroism of the post EDSA robbers. Let the truth be known about the Aquino assassination.