Reopening of US Navy recruitment center in Subic urged


OLONGAPO CITY: Mayor Rolen Paulino of Olongapo City on Saturday said the United States government should also put up a recruitment facility here for Filipinos who wish to join the US Navy. In an exclusive interview with The Manila Times, Paulino said with the Supreme Court upholding the legality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement that allows the presence of US troops in the country, he said the US Navy can reopen a recruitment facility here in Subic Bay. Paulino said he has talked to US Ambassador Philip Goldberg recently regarding this and the US official envoy asked him to formalize the request. The US Navy maintained what was once its largest military base overseas in Subic Bay, from the early 1900s until 1992, when they were forced to withdraw from the country after the rejection of the RP-US Bases Treaty by the Philippine Senate in 1991. During these years, the US Navy established a recruitment center here where hundreds of Filipinos, majority of whom were from Olongapo City and Zambales, took the annual examinations to qualify to join the US Navy.



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  1. Robert E. Hraba on

    I’m a retired Navy Chief, married to a Filipina for over 50 years, whom I met in Gordon Heights, Olongapo. Here’ my thoughts on opening U.S. Recruiting Offices. I’d say use the former base at Subic, however don’t reestablish any type of facilities as a Naval Base. Keep the Freeport Filipino property. That way you maintain your sovereignty, which I know is important to all Filipinos.(Ask my wife). Also,right one of the wrongs I saw there in the 60’s by insisting that Filipino employees receive pay equal to any U.S. employees. It’s simply good business. More money means more local spending. Good for employees, good for local businesses. As for Americans misbehaviors, use the same system as in Japan. We answerto Filipino jurisprudence first. Fair for you, fair for us.

  2. Part of the Laurel-Langley Agreement was to recruit 30 qualified Filipino citizens per month to join the U.S. Navy, and that is why so many Filipino Citizens were given the opportunity to serve and eventually became U.S. Citizens. My advice to the good mayor of Olongapo City: The Laurel-Langley agreement no longer exists, and your plans or proposals for the U.S. Navy to recruit qualified Filipino citizens is impossible. As far as the U.S. congress is concerned, EDCA is not a “treaty” and therefore, your proposal(s) do not, will not, and can not exists. If EDCA is a treaty, it must be spelled out on the signed agreement in order for the U.S. Navy to comply with the recruitment of qualified Filipino Citizens.

  3. bon ryan pecaoco on

    Filipinos are one of the best Asian demographic to fight our beloved Navy. As a Filipino recruited in San Diego, I can only foresee that having Filipinos join the USN once again will be nothing more than a fantastic untapped resource for hard-working, motivated and hard charging individuals. I am not saying that Americans are not the same but the Filipinos have proven for the last 2 decades especially when the recruitment base was open that not only do they number the most in the Asians hired but also the least likely to not re-enlist. This is why there are so many Filipinos in the Navy especially during the time when Filipinos were allowed to join.



    A Filipino Sailor fighting for the Red, White and Blue.

    • robert p martello on

      I agree with you who will set the standards and how high will they be do we want to recruit the most educated from the country and rob the pi of its assets what we need to do is offset the military budget and monitor it so no fraud will happen and build up the armed forces of the Philip
      ines so the u.s. wont be there so much.

  4. Yes! This is good news it will help a lot of qualified Filipinos get a good job and have better lives.

  5. Might as well as the Apprenticeship Program like what we had in SRF Subic Bay promoting technical knowledge on youth coming from the nearby places.

  6. Vincent J. Hill on

    Absolutely not. They didn’t want us before and now they do? I’m sorry. Americans need to defend their country and let the Filipinos defend theirs. Let them join their own Navy.

  7. You had to request from the US government the same thing like Laurel Langley Act agreement stipulating one provisions to hire Filipino people to join the US navy for every year at least 100 sailors. Only the Philippine countries that US Navy hire Filipinos to join their navies because of their American bases in Subic and Zambales..
    As far as i remember these laurel langley act reach at 35 years before it was rejected by the senate of corykong government..
    I dont think american congress will approve this matter…