Reply to Erwin Tulfo from Mayor Ojeda about Domingo Garcia


[Editor’s note: This letter was emailed directly to Deadshot column author Erwin Tulfo ON Jan. 17.]

In the spirit of fair play and responsible reporting, I am respectfully requesting that this humble reply be allowed ample space in your widely read column. In your column, you made a rhetorical question “Who is Domingo Garcia?”.

We are proud to have Mr. Garcia as one of our outstanding townmates. Out of sheer patience, hard work and unflinching faith in the Almighty, his business entity emerged as a successful construction company hereabouts. His main client is not the government or any other private corporations that belong to the top 500 corporations in the country but a prestigious religious organization which I will no longer identify.

He is one of our kababayans who notwithstanding his success returned to his origin, the Municipality of Mulanay, Province of Quezon, where he shared his blessings that he and his family enjoy right now.

No one can accuse Mr. Garcia of engaging in petty politics neither provincial, district of municipal in our province because he believes that it is not the exclusive domain of public service to help the less fortunate in our society. Nonetheless, through his own initiative, he has built or improved barangay halls, day care centers, elementary schools in Mulanay, Quezon where he is an alumnus, multi-purpose halls, two-storey computer building, two-storey library building at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Mulanay Branch, the Association of Barangay Captains’ Hall and the Mulanay Senior Citizens Building.

He is a veritable partner of our local government in our shared vision to develop our humble town. He is a role model of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) where, however, he does not compel the local government to put up its own equity or share in the financial responsibility. He uses his own private funds with a view to helping the municipality and be of service to the community without any ulterior motive.

Mr. Garcia has no inclination in politics. He does not want any recognition. As a matter of fact, whenever a specific project is completed, although an invitation is sent, he never attends and he does not deliver any speeches or self-aggrandizement pronouncements. He satisfies himself with a thought that what he contributed was an end in itself.

During my incumbency as Municipal Mayor, he brought medical, dental, optical missions of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity of which he is a member. The recipients of their assistance numbered 10,000 individuals who benefited from these mercy missions, including the distribution of food for indigents.

Sometime in 2011, Cong. Danny Suarez of the 3rd District of Quezon intimated that he wanted to nominate Mr. Garcia for the annual Medalya ng Karangalan bestowed by the Provincial Government of Quezon. This award is the most coveted recognition to a Quezonian who believes he has reached the pinnacle of success in his own field. But Mr. Garcia refused the nomination.

Mr. Garcia is not a political person such that when in the early part of 2013 he was approached by a fellow Mulanayin who is a well-known law practitioner and broached the idea that he was running for Congress against Mrs. Aleta Suarez, there was no encouragement that came from (Mr. Garcia) except a simple smile. This indicates that he does not want to involve himself in the complicated political contests.

The Association of Barangay Captains passed a Resolution expressing gratitude to Mr. Garcia because of his dedication to help the Barangays. Through his intercession he encouraged that the Barangays unite as one instead of being divided into a majority and minority (which to him does not accomplish anything) and should act as one for the good of Mulanay. Nobody has achieved this feat except Mr. Garcia.

He has no business interest in Mulanay neither in any part of Quezon. While he assists the Municipal Government of Mulanay, he never asked anything in exchange. Mr. Garcia never obtained any government contracts. Instead he is the one who is giving projects to the local government of Mulanay.

These are a few of his achievements and he has been doing this either personally or through his own private corporation. In other words, Mr. Garcia is private person not a public figure and he values his right to privacy. Given all this private track record, there is no need for him to engage in unnecessary representation by allegedly bringing local government officials to places of entertainment with less than wholesome repute.

Maraming salamat po, Ginoong Tulfo, sa pagbibigay ng espasyo sa iyong bantog na kolum sa aming mga taga-Mulanay.

Municipal Mayor
Mulanay, Quezon
(Email from Joselito Ojeda


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