Reporters experience thrill of racing in Bosch Karting competition

The winning teams pose at the podium as Bosch’s Paulo Duarte looks on

The winning teams pose at the podium as Bosch’s Paulo Duarte looks on

Who says media men don’t know how to have fun? In fact, they do, and they do it either the easy way, or the hard way. For us motoring reporters, we do it the hard way.

A whole day of kart racing, arace against time and competing with one another on a dark asphalt track –taking quick turns while burning rubber, that’s how we have fun.

Bosch organized the Media Karting Competition on October 24 held at the City Kart Plaza inside the old Sta. Ana Race track in Makati. The competitors, which included reporters from different media organizations, were afforded a different driving experience onboard the small, quick and fun karts.

Eighteen racers were grouped into threes to form six teams. The goal was for the teams to race against each other for a total of one hour, with each team member required to complete a minimum of five laps. The main rule for the endurance race was that there should be no bumping to avoid accidents—for it to be just a safe and fun race.

“It’s another opportunity for us to reacquaint ourselves with the media practitioners,” said Michael Tengonciang, marketing manager of Bosch during an interview with The Manila Times.

“It’s a venue to get together. It’s not really something to unveil or anything,” added Tengonciang.

Media Kart Racing was staged mainly to give the media men to get out of their busy schedule and enjoy a nice fun race.

It started off with a ‘trial run,’ a 12-minute test drive where drivers got to experience the thrill of the track and at the same time get used to the tight turns.

Next was another 12-minute qualifying time trials wherein each driver’s best lap time was recorded to determine their track positions for the main race.

After the qualifying rounds, came the race itself—a one-hour endure race where everyone was qualified to join. Each group were given team names namely: The Inventors; Platinum; Super 3; OE – Quality; Fusion; and The Hi-5 horns.

The race was action-packed right from the start and while everyone was getting into the groove of things, the electronic timer suddenly froze. Good thing all the team members had completed their required five-lap minimum run, so even with the race distance being cut short by six minutes, the chequered flag was still waved and winners were declared.

Led by the legendary Mike Potenciano from Speed Magazine, “The Inventors” placed third in the ranking, together with two other reporters from Business Mirror and The Manila Times.

Finishing in second place was “Super 3” led by James Deakin from together with reporters from Hardware Magazine and C! Magazine,

Besting all the teams was “Platinum,” headed by Alex Deakin, a fifteen year-old first time karter together with two other media practitioners.

Best Driver award went to Mike Potenciano after he posted the fastest lap time of 1.02 minutes.

Karting was not everyone’s sport, until that day. After the race, everyone has been looking forward to go back on track.

With the successful running of the Media Karting Competition, Bosch is already planning to stage another race in the very near future.

Bosch is a leading technology and services company with subsidiaries dealing with auto parts and accessories. It entered the Philippines back in 1995 and now operates in more than 150 countries worldwide.


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