Republicans launch new push to block Trump


NEW DELHI: Republicans leery of their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, are not giving up. An attempt, called the most organized yet, is under way to stop him at the party convention in July. The plan is to unbind delegates through a change of rules and let them follow their “conscience” and vote for who they preferred, and not for candidates who won their respective states. The Washington Post, which first reported this move, called it “the most organized effort so far” to stop Trump and said it was led by “dozens of delegates,” who will attend the convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Unlike previous attempts, such as the “Never Trump” movement by pundits and media figures, delegates can change party rules and do things needed to stop Trump. The new push follows escalating concerns about Trump over his racist comments about a judge, anti-Muslim remarks and his support for gun reforms that go against the party. Many leading Republicans, including some governors, are not supporting Trump. Calling the move “silly,” the Republican National Committee said, “There is no organized effort, strategy or leader of this so-called movement. It is nothing more than a media creation.”



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