• Requirements for registration with the CDA


    Cooperatives registered with the Cooperative Development Authority continue to increase in numbers. As of December 2015 there are 25,611 registered cooperatives with 13,053,027 estimated number of cooperative members, 520,758 estimated number of direct employment generated and 1,923,047estimated number of indirect employment generated.

    Following are the requirements for registration with the CDA:

    1.    Must have at least fifteen (15) or more members who are Filipino citizens of legal age with a common bond of interest and are actually residing or working in the intended area of operation;

    2.    Must have completed a Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES)

    3.    Must submit the following documents to CDA:
    •    Economic Survey
    •    By-laws
    •    Treasurer’s Affidavit
    •    Surety Bond of Accountable Officer
    •    Approved Cooperative Name Reservation Slip/Notice (CNRS/N)
    •    Registration Fee
    •    Certification of PMES
    •    Undertaking to comply with other requirements prescribed by other regulatoryagency, when applicable
    •    Undertaking to change name
    •    Undertaking to comply with Auditing and Accounting Standards
    •    Other specify documentary requirements for the following types of cooperatives shall apply; Mutli-purpose, Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries, Housing, Transport, Water, Labor/Workers, Service Cooperatives organized among professionals, Health Service and Small Scale Mining


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