• Rescuers lose hope of finding India landslide survivors


    MALIN, India: Rescue workers were losing hope on Friday of finding survivors amid the mud and debris from a major landslide in western India, where 150 people are feared to have been killed. Fifty bodies and eight survivors have now been pulled from the site where a village once stood in a remote part of Maharashtra state, but incessant rains and strong winds have hampered rescue efforts. “The debris is huge and since it is wet mud, there is negligible chance of air pockets. Any more survivors would be miracles,” Ganesh Pawar, medical officer at the rural hospital treating casualties, told Agence France-Presse. The National Disaster Response Force has said about 160 people were thought to have been living in the dozens of houses damaged when a hill gave way and cascaded onto their village of Malin.



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