Dear Sir,
Calamities, tragedies and a string of bad luck hit our country last year. But we all remained sane, on the ground, never losing our faith in the Lord, and in our institutions. This is what makes us different from the rest. We hold on to our faith and that makes us strong. We never lose hope, and we patiently wait for help in the midst of chaos and devastation.

We should all be regarded as men and women of the year, and for every year that matter for our never-ending resiliency, our good attitude. When down, we never put the blame on others, and even nature’s wrath we gladly accept. This is what keeps us going as a nation. We refuse to accept defeat from trials, the enemies of democracy, doomsayers, and those who want to destroy our nation.

Hats off to all Filipinos for believing there is tomorrow, and again, for keeping faith in the Lord and in our institutions. The government, our military, the police have never let us down. We are true Filipinos chained to one another on good times and in bad times.

Edil SJ. Regalado
Bacolod City


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