• Resorts World to give P1M to families of victims


    THE management of Resorts World Manila on Saturday pledged P1 million to each family of guests and workers who died on Friday’s lone-wolf attack at the casino and entertainment complex, on top of funeral and burial expenses.

    Resorts World, owned by the listed Travellers International Hotel Group, put up a memorial wall for the 37 persons who died of suffocation in its second-floor VIP casino hall, with people offering flowers, candles and prayers for the victims of the tragedy.

    “Guests. Employees. Family. We are one with you,” it said.

    Resorts World Manila Chief Operating Officer Stephen Reilly made the announcement in a news conference on Saturday, saying the financial aid was intended to address the families’ “immediate needs.”

    MEMORIAL People pray before a memorial wall on Saturday for 37 victims of Friday’s lone-wolf attack at Resorts World Manila. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR

    “Nothing can ever replace the lives of our loved ones. Yesterday, we all lost so many lives because of a senseless act. With this financial assistance, we hope that we will be able to somehow help each family hurdle through their needs during this most difficult time,” Reilly said.

    Shows at Resorts World’s Newport Performing Arts Theater were cancelled, as the casino remained shut down amid an investigation into the attack.

    Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila announced that it would be closed for one week to mourn the 37 dead victims.

    “Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila will remain temporarily closed for a seven-day mourning period as we pay our respects to the casualties of the tragic incident,” the mall management said.

    It also assured the public the mall management was “working hard to completely restore normalcy” in mall operations after a week of temporary closure.

    Resorts World officials said they evacuated some 12,000 people following the attack early on Friday.

    On Friday, Reilly insisted there was only one assailant, contrary to speculation online, and that in-house security shot the gunman and thus slowed him down.

    The still unknown male suspect proceeded to Room 510 of Maxims Hotel and took his own life, after setting fire on casino tables and taking away P113 million worth of gaming chips, police said.

    The police office supervising security agencies has summoned casino security officials to a meeting this week to ascertain responsibility. If found negligent, security officials face a fine of at least P50,000 and the cancellation of their license.

    Resorts World officials also denied on Saturday that their sprinkler systems did not work, but said they were leaving the investigation up to the Bureau of Fire Protection.



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    1. 250 security people and they could not stop 1 guy.

      Useless security, They evacuated the closed circuit camera control center when the fire started, Security ran from the gunman.

      250 security people that had no clue what to do.
      The security chief lied on his resume and did not have the degree he claimed. The result is a untrained and incompetent security force.

      Useless cowards cost 37 people their lives.

    2. 1 million peso’s each.

      Life is cheap in the Philippines

      That’s 20,000 dollars each for gross negligence, no fire prevention, no security.

      A class action suit should be filed against the owners where proper damages awards and prison sentence’s can be dispensed.

      A million peso’s is a insult.