Respect rule of law – Palace

DAVAO CELEBRATES The city was in party mode on Saturday as local residents and visitors honored Davao’s most famous son, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, shown (top right) speaking to his supporters during a victory get-together in Crocodile Park. AFP PHOTOS

DAVAO CELEBRATES The city was in party mode on Saturday as local residents and visitors honored Davao’s most famous son, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, shown (top right) speaking to his supporters during a victory get-together in Crocodile Park. AFP PHOTOS

AS tough as it may seem, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against crime and corruption, including the “humiliation” of police generals who are alleged to be into illegal drugs, should be in accordance with law, Malacañang said on Sunday.

In an interview over state-run Radyo ng Bayan, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. conceded that it is well within Duterte’s prerogative on how he plans to fulfill his campaign promise to fight criminality but warned that in doing so the law must be upheld at all times.

“Anumang pagkilos laban sa katiwalian ay marapat pa ring tumalima sa tamang proseso alinsunod sa mga isinasaad ng batas [Any action against wrongdoing should comply with the appropriate process as the law dictates it],” Coloma said.

Regarding the incoming President’s pronouncements on cleansing the ranks of the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership with his call for three alleged generals involved in illegal drugs to resign, the secretary said the move should be supported by the public.

“One of the most important pillars of the Aquino government is fighting corruption in all levels and agencies of government, including the national police,” Coloma added.

“Any step taken in pursuit of this goal should be supported,” he said.

Duterte made the warning against the three police generals on Saturday evening, telling them to immediately resign or face being humiliated once he names them in public.

The police generals are allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

”Corruption must stop. Itong pulis, itong pulis [The police] must stop… I will have to ask about three generals [in Camp]Crame to resign. And do not wait for me to name you in public because I will only humiliate you,” Duterte said.

The general headquarters of the PNP are located in Camp Crame in Quezon City

Duterte also vowed to review cases against police officers to determine who among them should be axed.

When asked to comment on Duterte’s war on crime and corruption, Coloma told The Manila Times that such should be expected from Duterte who won by virtue of his tough stance against crime and corruption.

“President-elect Duterte’s tough anti-crime stance may be viewed from his perspective and experience as a city mayor and former prosecutor. This is a part of the electoral promise that he made to the people and for which he was elected,” he pointed out.

Duterte, a lawyer, ceases to be mayor of Davao City in southern Philippines on June 30, when he takes his oath of office as President of the Philippines.

Before becoming first-time mayor of Davao City more than 20 years ago, he had been a prosecutor.


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  1. rafael querubin on

    nagsalita ang ungas, kung kayo nga eh walang respect to the rule of law! yang si panot, has he followed and respected the rule of law na sinasabi mo? he didnt, did he?

  2. Frank Fernandez on

    I’m one of the public. I’m a senior citizen of this land and had seen all what this government has become through the former 10 presidents of my time. I support the style of Duterte. The governance has flung so deep already that this country needs a shock and awe treatment, a lightining strike surgery.
    Go Duterte !

  3. kinakabahan na si noynoy dahil unang yayariin ni paeng mariano ang hacienda luisita.

  4. Wait! Really! The outgoing malacanang people(Coloma) have the gall to speak about “respecting the Rule of Law”. When this administration applied “selective justice”.

    Me, I am just patient! All this talk of the President elect is just talk! Everyone is either delighted or concerned! Let’s wait for the action that will speak louder than word as they say! And how these actions would not be contrary to”Rule of Law”.

  5. Mr. Coloma are you the protector of these generals who are destroying the lives of the Filipino people especially the youth.?, hopefully no one in your nearest kin is their victim.

  6. yan ang style ni Duterte. pagsabihan muna, magresign na sya habang maaga. nakikiusap sya, di ba due process na yan. ngayon kung sa akala nya malinis sya nasa sa kanya yan. puntahan na lang nila si Duterte at makiusap sila.

  7. Kapitan Kidlat on

    Those who create the law was the one breaking it.
    Did you remember abnOY that PDAF was declared unconstitutional by SC in July 2014 but what did you do? Did you respect it stewpid sun of a beach?…

  8. Go Go Go… Our presisdent elect DU30.. ignore those pa-cute na mga nam-ba-batikus sa mga walang kwentang accusations, (pang-distruct lang ang mga yan)… yan ay mga kalaban mo… mga inggit.. mga maka dilaw…media man at journalist na mga kauri nila… WE BIND TOGETHER & SUPPORT our new president… Mabuhay!

  9. Duterte does not need advice nor reminders from an incompetent lameduck administration.

  10. Ungas huwag ka nang maingay dahil sa anim na taon ng abnormal mong presidente hindi kailan man nagkaroon ng rule of law..

  11. emmanuel pagalan on

    Mr. Columa, Mayor of the Philippine HE Duterte knows what he says and doing more than you knew and do. He is a lawyer, was a prosecutor, and Davao mayor for long years compared to you. you should be ashamed. keep your mouth shut. talo na kayo. 15 million voted for Duterte. it was a landslide. shameful defeat for an administration candidate…. just pack in silence and make your exit in dignity. please.

  12. Jose Samilin on

    What do you think, is Herminio Coloma Jr., Aquino’s Communication Secretary is complaining or just bragging? The Aquino Administration has six years to show the meaning and force of the rule of law and he thinks solely as the Palace knew better what is meant (sic) as a rule of law?

  13. Rizal Sychitpin on

    Abnoy’s people were the number one lawbreaker & disrespecting even the constitution!

  14. Now this newly elected President is talking straight. Exactly how these unbecoming Police Officers should be treated. Go go go Mr. President!