• Respect SC decision on Grace – FFW


    The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) on Friday called on detractors of Senator Grace Poe to respect the decision of the Supreme Court in throwing out all legal obstacles on the presidential run of the neophyte senator.

    The next move, according to FFW president Jose Sonny Matula is “let the voters decide” on who would be the next rightful president of the Philippines.

    On Wednesday, Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Nazareno and eight other magistrates of the 15-member Supreme Court voted yes to the presidential run of Poe. Six justices extremely disagreed.

    The decision effectively disregarded the disqualification cases that were filed by Dean Amado Valdez, former Senator Fracisco “Kit” Tatad, Atty. Estrella Elamparo, and Prof. Antonio Contreras due to questions on the citizenship and residency of Poe.

    Being a natural-born Filipino citizen and having a 10-year residency in the Philippines are two important requirements set by the 1987 Philippine Constitution for an individual to qualify to run for president of the country.

    However, the Supreme Court has yet to release its written decision so that the stakeholders would know the exact statements of the highest court why it favored Poe.

    Sources said the majority asserted that Poe was a “presumptive natural-born” citizen, therefore, she is presumed a natural-born Filipino citizen.

    Matula, who is also a veteran labor lawyer, asserted that while Poe was allowed by the Supreme Court to run for president, FFW strongly maintains its support for the candidacy of Vice-President Jejomar Binay.

    Matula described Binay as the only one among the five presidential candidates who is pro-labor and has a program for the workers. FFW is the only labor group that supports Binay.

    The Partido Manggagawa (PM) supports Poe because the latter backs the workers’ party’s electoral battle on job regularization and better pay for the workers.

    The Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), through Sanlakas, also supports Poe and Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s vice-presidential run.

    The Manila Times ran a story last week which revealed the P20 million deal between Sanlakas and Escudero for the purpose of campaigning against the return of the Marcoses to Malacañang, particularly Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos 2nd who is running for vice-president.

    Leody de Guzman, BMP chairman and Sanlakas first nominee, has repeatedly denied that Sanlakas made such a deal.

    The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) and the Associated Labor Unions (ALU), the two biggest labor federations in the country today, have not made up their final decision on which candidate to support.


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    1. Putragis. Pati ba naman sa Supreme Court ay may dagdag bawas sa bilangan ng votes? Ano ba ito? Palusotan at dayaan? How can the justices of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Sereno do such a thing with impunity? Are they trying to insult the intelligence of the Filipino people? Anyare? Bakit nangyayari ang mga ganito sa ating bansa at mamamayang Filipinos?


    2. Respect the SC fair decision on Grace Poe. Something I would like to add. as a foundling, natural born citizen, her residency as such, started from birth in Jaro, Iloilo. That she became american citizen, later renounced it, regained filipino citizenship. she RETAINED HER ORIGINAL STATUS, A NATURAL-BORN FILIPINO CITIZEN WHICH STARTED FROM BIRTH!!!. Here is a question: When Poe regained her filipino status, do you call her; a naturalized filipino or A NATURAL BORN FILIPINO? Common sense.

    3. agree… and who has read the so-called SC decision on Grace Poe’s DQ case for anyone to say “respect the decision of the SC”.. not even SC spokesperson Theodore Te said a word on that so-called “decision” in which the “9-6” vote was allegedly taken… why is FFW calling as “detractors” those who have expressed doubt, or can’t believe what made the SC decide in her favor if at all? Only FFW roots for Binay; so many are for the Poe-Chiz team: Partido ng Manggagawa, Bukluran ng Manggagawa and Kilusang Mayo Uno, among the big ones. Many more are joining in the next couple of weeks. The legit TUCP (Torres) is definitely with the Mar-Leni tandem. The “other TUCP “(Mendoza) is torn between three “forces”: Pnoy’s LP, their old ally, and therefore they should be supporting Mar Roxas;but looking at Mar’s 3rd-4th ranking in the poll surveys, are now considering throwing their support for Binay except that they would second fiddle to FFW whose former president is one of UNA’s senatorial candidate and Duterte, because of pressure from politicians from Mindanao where Mendoza’s wife is a governor. partly, the report is correct: “TUCP-Mendoza have not made up their final decision” yet. One small group, Lakas Manggagawa Labor Center (NLU; PAFLU; UFW; AMO) is squarely behind Duterte together with Association of Genuine Labor Organization (AGLO). Call it the “Good Fight.”

    4. The military should step in and arrest all the corrupt members in government, conduct lifestyle checks them and jail the offenders. Let’s face it every agency in the Philippines is corrupt and they won’t police themselves.

      • If the military start arresting corrupt government officials, half of the military, all senators and congressmen, the president will go to jail. Lifestyle check and bank check is the best way to check who is corrupt.

    5. Correction, those who oppose the SC decision on Poe are not detractors. They are puzzled, bewildered, confused, and couldn’t believe how one mayor who did not meet the residency was fired while poe who did not meet her 10 years residency has been approved. So as you can see, these detractors that you call, are questioning the intellect and/or principles of these members of the supreme court. If they can do that without any shame, what else could happen? Will they decide that the earth is flat and nobody will question it? Just clarifying!