Restoring Philippine ecosystems one village at a time


    Living true to the words of prominent environmen talist David Brower—“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”—Haribon Foundation has been working under the principles of community empowerment and scientific excellence for over 40 years, with the aim to protect biodiversity and natural resources.

    Known as the leader in Philippine forest restoration, the organization launched its flagship campaign, Rainforestation, Organizations, and Advocates by 2020, also known as “ROAD to 2020” in 2006, with strategic knowledge and excellence in mind.

    Applying Haribon Foundation’s scientific know-how and community empowerment strategies, the ROAD to 2020 campaign took reforestation to a new level. Through this campaign, including its policies and implementation, Haribon has reversed the decline of Philippine rainforests and continues to restore sites for the purposes of ecological services.

    With problems of climate change, environmental disasters, and deforestation affecting the Philippines today, it is now more than ever, that there is a great need to conserve and restore our natural environment.

    This year, Haribon Foundation took a big leap forward with their forest restoration initiatives. It has formulated a new program that gives different institutions a chance to embrace a bigger role for the environment and this country’s life sustainability.

    Packaged as a major corporate investment program, Haribon’s Legacy for Nature, or “HaLe Nature” is a holistic conservation approach which aims to work with villages and communities located in Important Biodiversity Areas (IBA) to conserve and protect the environment. It seeks to empower vulnerable communities and capacitate local governments to manage their natural resources, which is their legacy for future generations.

    This is in response to more corporations, which are investing in conservation. Corporations are looking at opportunities to support projects that contribute to environmental conservation and human development. More importantly, this program aims to restore ecological services through environmental protection initiatives one village at a time.

    HaLe Nature engages corporations to do conservation investment in communities within The program will primarily invest in local communities who are likewise planting a legacy as primary actors for local conservation.

    Specifically, HaLe Nature seeks to raise major donations for conservation of IBAs, one village at a time, restore ecosystems, capacitate local conservation actors, and stage on site research laboratories.

    Haribon has recently launched this program, and corporations are looking into investing in Haribon’s Legacy for Nature. These donations will provide Haribon with the financial means to continue its work of environmental protection, conservation and restoration.

    Every contribution helps keep our ecosystems intact. Haribon Foundation is calling everyone to invest in conservation. Healthy environment leads to resilient communities for a better economy.

    For more information, you may visit Haribon website at www.haribon.org.ph, or email constituency@haribon.org.ph. You may also call HaleNature Hotline at 421-1209.


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