Retired actress-producer storms singer’s management office



GUESS WHO? There was no stopping a retired actress (RA) from uttering foul language as she cursed a bunch of staffers of a talent management office she planned to do business with.

A few months ago, RA rung up the office to inquire about the availability of its female singer-artist (FSA) whom she wanted to book for a show she was supposedly producing for a five-star hotel. The office staffer, however, had yet to check if FSA’s schedule was open on the date, which the RA had specified with a promise to get back to her ASAP.

But as the show date neared, RA had to repeatedly follow up on her inquiry with the office giving the same answer each time: “Itse-check pa ho namin kung puwede siya sa date na yun.”

“Please lang, kailangan kong malaman ang sagot kasi magpapagawa pa ako ng poster, magpapaimprenta ng ticket, magpu-promote pa,” the RA calmly explained.

Still without any confirmation from the talent management as weeks passed, RA finally decided to personally drop by their office only to be told, “Ma’am, hindi ho pala puwede si (name of the FSA) kasi ‘yung date n’yo, halos magkasunod du’n sa forthcoming show niya. ‘Yung policy kasi namin, we don’t book our artists on dates close to each other.”

All hell broke loose as RA—without waiting for the staffer to finish his sentence—began spewing expletives in crisp Filipino. But rather than apologize, the office personnel only looked at each other in shocked silence.

* * *

IF YOU hardly see a particular A-list male performer (ALMP) sit as one of the judges in a singing contest on TV, that’s because the program director is wary, if not scared of his “strong presence.”

Unlike his fellow judges who are watchful of—read: prim and proper with—their language, ALMP may well be regarded as MTRCB-unfriendly. His brand of humor—albeit a “winner”—is better appreciated in intimate shows with adults as main audience.

“Live pa naman yung show kaya nakakatakot siyang isalang,” reveals one of the program staffers. “Kaya ang instructions ni Direk, dapat alisto ‘yung TD (technical director who’s usually seated beside him inside the control booth) that the minute the singer is on the brink of uttering foul language, dapat naka-off mic na yung naka-assign sa kanya. The cameramen, too, are alerted na kapag may masabing bastos ang singer, sa ibang judge ipa-pan ang camera.”

This is the same male singer who was stricken off a group of performers at a recent concert.

* * *

A TV program staffer (PS) could only smile sheepishly after a singer-comedienne (SC) invited to guest in a recent episode of a weekend show ranted, “Ano ba ‘yan, ganito pa rin kababa ang TF (talent fee) n’yo?! Wala bang budget ang show n’yo? Magtaas naman kayo!”

Privy to the TF as stated on the cash voucher, Vignettes believes that SC—for her caliber—deserved to be paid twice if not thrice as much as other talents.

“Kunsabagay,” our source realized, “suki naman siya du’n sa show na yun. At hindi lang siya mahusay magpatawa, she’s really a very good singer!”

And it’s a fact, not a bluff.


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