The return of ‘Dumb and Dumber’


The right timing and the right story. The directors and actors of the 1994 hilarious smash hit Dumb and Dumber all agreed that if they were to make a sequel of this cult classic, it had to meet those two prerequisites.

The wait is over after two long decades as Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunite as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dune in the US blockbuster sequel, which raked in $38.1 million on its opening weekend in November.

Dumb and Dumber To opened to just as much excitement in the Philippines on December 3 with a storyline that sees Lloyd (Carrey) confined in a mental hospital and visited regularly by his best friend Harry (Daniels). Lloyd appears to be in a catatonic state, but finally snaps out of it. It turns out that Harry has his own health issues. He is in need of a new kidney, and he discovers that he has a daughter named Penny (Rachel Malvin) who could be a potential donor. In their efforts to find her, the duo reconnects with Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Fraida Flecher (Kathleen Turner), and deals with Penny’s wealthy and brainy adoptive father (Steve Tom) and his second wife (Laurie Holden).

Directed by Peter Farrelly, with a creative team comprised of original members, Dumb and Dumber To offers nonstop jokes and gags, and is truly worth the wait. It is still showing in cinemas nationwide from MVP Entertainment and Viva International Pictures.


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