• Reveal SALN, Palace prods SC justices


    MALACAÑANG on Sunday prodded Supreme Court justices to make public their respective Statements of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), saying transparency and accountability are the real issues that should be given priority.

    In an interview over state-run dzRB, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the issue of transparency and openness is of the highest interest of the people.

    Coloma rallied the public to join the government in its call to compel magistrates of the High Court to make available their SALN, reminding them that the issue had already caused the impeachment of a Chief Justice.

    He was referring to the impeachment of Renato Corona in 2012, who was found guilty by the Senate, which sat as an impeachment court, of lying about his true assets and liabilities.

    “Corona’s removal from office for lying about his assets should serve as a reminder of how important such disclosure is, in ensuring accountability by all public servants,” Coloma said.

    He added that there is a law pertaining to SALN disclosure in line with the “principles of openness, transparency and accountability” to the people.

    Last week, Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda took the cudgels for the administration’s allies in the House of Representatives who are conducting a probe on the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF), saying the SC’s refusal to cooperate showed its lack of regard for transparency.

    “The President himself has disclosed his SALN. The same thing with all Cabinet officials. If we may recall, this [SALN] was among the highlights of the impeachment trial. The public is well aware of the importance of disclosing SALN,” he pointed out.

    Lacierda said the High Court has not been totally open when it comes to matters of fund use or even the filing of magistrates’ SALN.

    “There will always be issues, for instance, on transparency. At least, at the very least in the executive branch, we have always been transparent with our, with what we do, with what we implement,” he told a news briefing.


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    1. “Corona’s removal from office for lying about his assets should serve as a reminder of how important such disclosure is, in ensuring accountability by all public servants,” Coloma said.

      It would be better if all Cabinet members, Congressmen and Senators shall disclose their SALN also. The people will judge accordingly as we know how these wealth are earned. In excess of their capacity to acquire their wealth shall be forfeited in favor of the Governement not to DAP.

    2. aresyo goodfriend on

      Transparency pala ang gusto nyo….why not pass the FOI? Make this bill a priority. Parang takot kayong ma bisto sa mga maling ginagawa nyo kaya dine-delay nyo ang pag pass nang FOI. Unahin nyo tong FOI. Ito ang gusto nang mga bosses nyo,

    3. Bakit hindi na lang ipasa yung FOI nang sa ganun ay mabusisi ng publiko ang lahat ng mga dokumentong may pakialam ang mga nagbabayad ng buwis.

    4. The SC justices have filed their SALNs previously to the public demanding them. So why would Congress ask for them? Are they going to ammend some law? Or do they just want to investigate to find some dirt (ammunition for further attacks)? It is not the domain of Congress to investigate if some law has been broken. Let the DeLima or Morales investigate, who should do any investigating. Of course they will have a problem in targeting on the SC and not all government.

      The SC should not be threatened. Enough is enough. The SC is uncorrupted. The rest of the government is corrupted. Congress attack yourself and the rest of your pork team.

    5. lumang tugtugin na yan palasyo. maybe you only need to get back at the justices. approve the foi bill so we can make the playing field fair.

    6. Wouldnt it just be so easy to put into law any official who doesnt declare their saln by a certain date will automatically be suspended from their position & all benefits & salaries stopped. The reason people dont comply is because there is no punishment for not complying. Then when they declare their saln they could either be re employed or made to re apply for their position, but then i would say why give them this postition of power when they abuse it so to abusers of power take their power away. Do not let official after official take advantage of their positions of power over the people. show them the people will not stand for it any longer. Or probably better still make it a criminal offence not to submit your saln. Then they will have to produce evidence why they didnt submit it. Im very sure that would shake them up.

    7. Before King PNoy and his puppies demand the SALN’s of the magistrates, which apparently they already submitted as mandated, they should demand all their allies in the Senate and Lower House to produce their SALN’s first.

    8. Manny F. Reyes on

      SC justices are no different from you and me. They also put on their pants one leg at a time. All public officials living on taxpayers money must comply with the SALN legal filing requirement. Not only is SALN a law. Filing it also eliminates any dubiousness on the part of the justices.