‘Revellers:’ Portraits of Philippine merriment


The 14th solo exhibition of visual artist and illustrator, Jill Arwen Posadas is now on view at ArtistSpace. In “Revellers,” Posadas features a second series of depictions of Philippine festivals, enhanced with festival customs and portraits of individual festival participants.

‘Arimunding-Munding Butanding,’ acrylic and watercolor pencils on paper, 45 x 55 cm (2017)

“I wanted to focus particularly on individuals at the festivals because of the tendency to overlook the individuals and merely look at these events as a whole,” Posadas says. “It is the individuals coming together who makes a festival happen.”

Mythical creatures, which are a recurring theme in Posadas’ work, populate the depictions of the festivals which include Kabayo Festival of Mandaue, Bailes de Luces Festival of La Castellana in Negros Occidental, and Butanding Festival of Donsol. Salubong, using carrozas in a procession, and Palo-Sebo are among the featured customs.

A Brown and Yellow Basket,’ acrylic and watercolor pencils on paper, 55 x 45 cm (2017)

The colourful genre paintings of the festivals are rendered in an expressive, playful style reminiscent of children’s illustrations in acrylic and watercolour pencils. While no less playful, the portraits are rendered in a more realistic manner in acrylic and oil pastels. Each portrait represent a participant in each of the featured festivals and customs.

Posadas has been a practicing artist for a little over a decade now. She obtained her Fine Arts degree from the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines. Posadas favors the use of vivid colors, expressive lines and texture, and fantastic themes.

She has exhibited in major art galleries including the Pasilyo Victorio Edades at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Her work has appeared in children’s books, workbooks, magazines, postcards and greeting cards, a mural at a public library, and a Philippine postage stamp.

Revellers will be on view at the ArtistSpace, located at the Ayala Museum Annex in Makati, until September 24.

‘Horsefest,’ acrylic and watercolor pencils on paper, 82 x 113 cm (2017)


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