Revilla firm used in money laundering


    A company owned by Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado Revilla, wife of detained Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., was used to launder money that may have come from the latter’s Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel, an official of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) said on Thursday.

    AMLC Bank Officer II Leigh Vhon Santos, who testified in Revilla’s bail hearing at the Sandiganbayan’s First Division, was referring to Nature Concepts Development and Realty Corp.

    “One of the indications that Nature Concepts [Development and Realty Corp.] is a dummy corporation is that it has no legitimate business, and is being only used for money laundering,” Santos told the court.

    According to him, Nature Concepts had an unsubstantial capital but it received P27.745 million through deposits done “at the proximate time Cambe received cash from Luy, and during the period when it [company]apparently has no operations. Also, Revilla and his wife transferred funds to Nature Concepts totaling P16,000,000.”

    Richard Cambe is Revilla’s staff. According to pork scam witness Benhur Luy, it was Cambe who picked up the senator’s kickbacks from the JLN office. JLN stands for Janet Lim-Napoles.

    But Senator Revilla insisted that his money was hard-earned and that Nature Concepts is not a dummy company.

    “Saan ka naman nakakakita ng dummy corporation na pangalan ni Lani andun [Where can you find a dummy corporation with my wife’s name on it]?” he said.

    “I had more than a hundred films, perhaps all had earnings. Not one of my films flopped. All that is mentioned in court, all are legitimate money that I earned. I worked hard for it for my family. Both Lani and I work,” the senator added.

    Revilla is accused of amassing P224 million in kickbacks when he poured his pork barrel funds into bogus projects proposed by non-government organizations owned or controlled by Napoles, who was also charged with plunder and graft at the Sandiganbayan.

    He insisted that his money did not come from the businesswoman.

    “There is no bank transfer from JLN to my account. There really is no transaction from JLN to my account. Even in Cambe’s, there is none,” the senator said.

    Revilla’s lawyer, Joel Bodegon, echoed the senator’s claim.

    “About Nature Concepts, it cannot be a dummy because it’s the name of [Congresswoman] Lani that’s there. Transactions there are legal and legitimate, how can it be a dummy?” Bodegon said.

    “Parang holding company yun eh, so ang business niya ata ay paghawak ng pera, pagbenta ng ari-arian [It’s like a holding company, its business I think is keeping money, seling pieces of property].
    Senator Revilla is not even a stockholder. It’s Congresswoman Mercado’s corporation,” he added.

    The AMLC earlier found that Revilla and his immediate family made deposits to their bank accounts and placed investments totaling about P87 million within a month from when Luy said Revilla allegedly received commissions.

    Revilla, as well as Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, are detained at the Philippine National Police headquarters at Camp Crame in Quezon City for plunder. All three senators were accused of receiving huge pork barrel kickbacks from Napoles.


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    1. Where are the billions of peso that is lost? The amount of money being linked to Revilla is
      too insignificant.

    2. ‘No evidence of money deposits to Revilla accounts’..E pano ngayon yan? wala naman palang ebidensya. Dapat tapusin na ang trial na ito.

    3. Nagsasayang lang tayo ng oras jan kay bong, samantalang ang mga tunay na magnanakaw ay nasa malakanyang…….

    4. Umabot sa 81 accounts ang ulat ng AMLC pero nang
      gisahin na ng mga abogado sa Sandiganbayan ang kanilang representante,
      lumabas na anim lamang ang aktibong accounts. Grabe ang layo ng

    5. It is so easy to verify and confirm whether Revilla really earned P224 million for his all of films. Since Bong Revilla himself has already declared that he earned so much money in his showbiz career, he should sign a waiver to have the BIR publish all of his tax declarations in the past 15 years. Then it would be a simple exercise to add up all of his declared income and see it does come up to P224 million. SIMPLE RIGHT? Let’s see if this can be done right away.

    6. Well, it is good that the AMLC can open bank accounts. This is very revealing of Bong Revilla’s theft. His wife is also a conspirator-thief. The whole family is engaged in theft. I am sure, if we can go back and investigate the career of the old Revilla as chair of the Public Works Committee of the Senate, a can of worms will come out, too! But of course, the old Revilla will not be investigated because there are no whistle-blowers. Ang swerte naman niya. Si Bong, mabuti nga, nahuli din, sa wakas. To jail, nalang Bong, unless somebody shoots you in the head for lying. I was wondering whether that old “Sparrow Unit” which assassinates corrupt politicians.

    7. The net is closing in on him & he is getting scared now. If his wifes company is involved it means she is also involved & she should also be charged with this. She also has to be held accountable to show all who want to get involved it stealing all this money that there are consequences. Its like these people think they have a right to take this money. They know corruption here has been the norm since they were born so now they are in power its their right also to be corrupt & that they are entitled to their share of government monies.

    8. Revilla has a lot of questions to answer on the 87million ALMC has discovered. How did Nature Concepts Devt, £ Realty Corporation get hold of the 87 million, from whom and what business transaction produced that much income? Where is now the 87 million? Was the 87millipn deposited in cash as one lump sum deposit? How could Revilla claim the money was his film income when it is one lump sum and not on numerous staggered amount accumulation for years. Here the amount 87million is one amount that came from nowhere within just one month! Revilla can not even explain from what investment or transaction of real property the amount of 87 million came from! Verdict: GUILTY! Of unexplained wealth, plunder of PDAF funds via fraudulent transactions and graft and corruption, betrayal of public trust. Sentence: Capital punishment without Pardon and No Parole! Prison site at New Bilibid Prison in Solitary Confinement And No conjugal visit. Rep Lenin Mercado guilty also as Accomplice.

    9. Bong Revilla’s explanation is not only shallow but weak. All circumstancial evidences point to how his pork barrel money went to his family account. What a shame…..the least you could do Senator is return the money and volunteer yourself to be imprisoned. Stop the trial ….Go to confession and you might be forgiven

    10. ang mga pilipino nga naman buko na panay pa ang palusot. na laaman ni revilla
      ang gawain 0 stroke na yan sa tatay niya. noong senador iyong matandang
      revilla ganoon din ang gawain niya kaya naka pamili nang mga lupain sa cavite.
      niloko ang taong bayan.