Revilla jailed in Crame


A handout photo released by the Philippine National Police (PNP) shows Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla having his mugshot taken before he is brought to his detention cell on Friday. AFP PHOTO

Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. was locked up in a detention facility in Camp Crame in Quezon City on Friday, becoming the first politician detained over the pork barrel scandal that has rocked the nation.

Earlier in the day, Revilla surrendered to the Sandiganbayan, where a plunder and graft case has been brought against him in connection with the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scam.

He turned himself in hours after a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Sandiganbayan’s First Division.

“I will go to jail with my head held high, and I will come out with my head held high,” the 47-year-old former actor told reporters shortly after attending a televised Mass with his family in his residence in Bacoor City, Cavite.

At the anti-graft court Revilla was seen smiling at a crowd of journalists and supporters before entering the building to meet with the court sheriff.

Revilla is one of three senators who have so far been accused of participating in a years-long scam in which many politicians allegedly embezzled hundreds of millions of pesos that should have been spent on development projects. The other two are Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

Warrants of arrest for Enrile and Estrada were expected to be issued by the Sandiganbayan early next week.

All three senators have protested their innocence, insisting that they were targeted simply because they were members of the political opposition.

But President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s government has hailed the charges filed against them as a vital moment in its quest to fight corruption.

“This is a milestone,” Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who endorsed the case against the three, told Agence France-Presse.

“We’re accomplishing what some people said was a near impossible task: To have these big personalities who are perceived as untouchable finally prosecuted,” she said.

But to a political analyst, Revilla’s detention is all about drama rather than serving justice.

“So far, it’s nothing but another political drama. Such administration of justice will only suggest a serious effort at achieving accountability and justice if it shows objectivity,” Edmund Tayao, a professor at University of Santo Tomas in Manila, said in a text message.

Tayao does not see Revilla’s arrest as a stern warning shot for high-profile government officials to fear the law.

Instead, he described Revilla’s theatrics of having his family and supporters around him en route to his arrest as an awful attempt to gain public sympathy.

“Until such time that the whole exercise shows it’s a real and objective one, then it can’t scare the crooks in government. As for his theatrics, getting public sympathy would be a long shot,” Tayao said.

The case exploded last year when businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles was accused of conniving with senators and congressmen in stealing an estimated P10 billion in pork barrel funds.

Napoles has also been detained, in a police commando camp in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, and Aquino’s government has said many other politicians are expected to be charged.

At the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center in Camp Crame, Revilla was booked, fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken.

The facility is a former officers’ quarters that had held rebellious military officers and high-profile criminals.

From the Sandiganbayan, Revilla was accompanied to Crame Crame—national headquarters of the PNP—by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group chief, Director Benjamin Magalong.

While under detention, the senator will not be allowed to use electronic devices like mobile phones.

Malacañang also on Friday welcomed the Sandiganbayan decision to arrest Revilla, calling it as a “significant step” toward attaining justice.

“The issuance of warrants of arrest against Senator Revilla and others implicated in the plunder case pertaining to the alleged misuse of public funds is a significant step forward in the judicial process,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a statement.

Coloma stressed the Palace’s assurance to the accused of a “fair and just trial.”

“We believe that through a fair and just trial, accountability will be clearly established and in like manner, those who are innocent will be exonerated. We join the citizenry in hoping that truth and justice will prevail,” he said.

Revilla’s lawyer, Joel Bodegon, wasted no time filing a motion for bail, invoking the constitutional provision that an accused is entitled to it, even in a non-bailable offense, when the evidence of guilt is not strong.

The First Division will hear Revilla’s motion for bail on June 26, the same day he will be arraigned for plunder.

Thousands of his supporters had gathered at Revilla’s house in Bacoor, vowing their loyalty to the senator.

Former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and other political allies also visited Revilla.

Revilla’s eldest son Bryan said his father told him to take over as head of the family and look after their mother, Lani.

“With my incarceration I’m hoping there will be unity among our leaders and put an end to too much politicking,” Revilla told reporters before he proceeded to the Sandiganbayan.



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  1. kung makikita nyo ang mga bilanggo sa city jail na halos pangkain lang sa pamilya ang ninakaw e halos patayin nang mga pulis sa gulpe, almusal, tanghalian o hapunan tadyak o kotong ang inaabot at halos tubuan nang pigsa sa buong katawan sa sobrang siksikan, e etong mga politiko na to eto ang sanhi nang pagpapatayan nang mga tao dahil sa kahirapan,mga batang walang matulugan,mga may sakit na walang pang-ospital, tapos aircon ang gusto?? dapat dyan isama sa city jail!!

  2. baka ngumingiti sa labas yan eh, pag nagiisa na sa loob biglang kakanta at iiyak? artista yata yon. dapat me live video palagi dian for entertainment purposes. sige naman bong entertain mo naman mga guards dian o.

  3. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    You, my usually admired Manila Times, are contributing to the glamorization of suspected grafters and indicted persons accused of criminality. In more civilized countries indictees are just jailed, tried and sentenced if found guilty. If found innocent they are restored to their normal lives and positions. Sometimes, the government pays them for damages.

    • I don’t think I understood what you mean. revilla has not been indicted yet. plus, I don’t think manila times is glamorizing nor sensationalizing his caSe. Here in the US, lots of publicity are out during cases like this. all channels will be talking about it, the radio and the newspapers. even when already jailed and the person once held a position of importance, the news doesn’t stop there. during the hearings, the newspeople are there everyday. the run after the lawyers for interview if they can get hold of the person concerned. so where is the glamorization that you are talking about? they are not glamorized they are condoned.

  4. I could not imagine how Mr. Revilla still smiling when he was booked and photograph at the time of his arrest taken into consideration the magnitude of the crime he committed. I feel shame to myself why our kababayans still adore him despite of the fact what he did. I hope our kababayans will have more decency. And voting for him as the next President of our country is just a night mare.

  5. This is just the beginning of a long process to prosecute the government workers, legislators allegedly involved in corruption. I hope this will continue until all the corrupt individuals are indicted, prosecuted, in jail or exonerated. The government might consider building a new prison just for these plunderers, I hope in hard labor, so there be no complain of boredom. There should be a law with a provision to ban pardon for grafters and plunderers. It is amazing the happy farewell on these people, as if going on a vacation or a hunting trip, perhaps thinking that the next president which is an ally will pardon them, and can run again as a senator or even for president in 2016. I want President Aquino just before he steps down in 2016, to recommend somebody who he can trust, even outside of LP, to continue the program he created and the principle of straight path to follow and run after these corrupt officials to give the country a fighting chance for it to grow well, without the plunderers and grafters, but mostly honest people in the government and so as in the private sectors.

    • what straight path of Aquino? di mo pa ba nakikita ang mga likoliko ng daan nia? bilyon na dap? nakangiti pa rin di walang hiya? lahat ng friends nia kahit maraming evidences of their corruption, alaga pa rin nia, Paano walang alam sa gobierno, di marunong pag wala ang mga alalay nia. ganoon din si mother nia, kaya ianabuso ng mga cojuangco noon. haaay oo anybody that is recommended by Aquino should not be elected at all. baka psychotic di pareho ni pnoy na may add?

  6. Roldan Guerrero on

    This Administration is doing its best to create a post cover-up of the biggest fund misuse scandal which is yet to be unveiled. The Supreme Court in few weeks will rule on the legality/illegality of the DAP which the president abused for a long time. If a billion peso had been used as a bribe for only 24 senate members, how much had been distributed as a bribe to more than 300 lower house members? By low estimate, it wont only double but maybe ten times or more than the 10 billion PDAF scam now in question which are supposedly committed by many players most of which are administration allies but obviously protected by the PORK BARREL KING. Last fiscal year, the president was granted more than 1trillion pesos pork barrel, where did this fund go? We have the worst government ever, who rides on a growing economy as a result of increasing dollar remittance of OFWs. Crime Does Not Pay as they say will again prevail!

  7. pompeyo pedroche on

    Thanks to the coordinated effort of the DOJ, NBI, COA, the whistle blowers, the Ombudsman and the Sandiangbayan – Happy or not, all this under the watch of (an otherwise) Pnoy’s government. Philippine Political history has been written..

  8. pag nag kataon na ang mga akusado ng pagnanakaw na yan ay makapagpiyansa,, cguro maraming mga Pilipino ang mag rerebelde,, bakit ang mga sira sirang abugago nila ay mag piyansa eh,, non baiable,, bugok na mga abogago,,,

  9. yung mga sinasabi mong 20 million na bumoto sa yo,, 10 lang ang totoo nun, yung19 million pandaraya pa ang mga yun,, ikaw na rin ang nagsabi na ang comelec ay kayang kaya mong bayaran,, naglibot ka nga sa mga alipores mo pero sa cavite lang,, subukan mong pumunta ditto sa Mindanao,, babalatan ka ng buhay,,

  10. hahahahaha,, sa wakas sa totoong buhay isang aksyon star nakulong,, bwahahaha……dapat nakipagbarilan ka na lang sa mga pulis ,, kung wala k talagang kasalanan,, nakipagbarilan ka mrami k naming mga baril sa bahay mo,, di ba ni raid yung bahay nyo maraming high powered na baril ang nakuha,,isama mo cla ni jinggoy,, c phillip,, c lito lapid,, c daboy ang astig cguro ng pelikula ,, cguro tabo sa takilya ,, biro nyo puro kayo bigatin na mga bida,,tapos ang tatay nyu c enrile,, c janet ang lading lady,, bwahahahaha

  11. BS Aquino’s anti-corruption drive is just a Lutong Makaw fake campaign. It is nothing but a show. Bong Revilla didn’t even get handcuffed! He was treated like a VIP on his way to Camp Crame surrounded by friends and his family. While ordinary criminals are locked up in overcrowded, stinky cells, high profile prisoners like Revilla are locked up in rooms with all the conveniences of home with newly-painted walls, gleaming toilets, wash basins and soft beds. This shows that Mr. Aquino is not serious about deterring corruption in our country. He is just treating Filipinos to another soap opera.

    When will the other 17 senators and over 100 congressmen implicated in the pork barrel scam and allied to Mr. Aquino be charged too? When will Enrile and Jinggoy be arrested? When will the incompetent Justice Department commence the recovery of the public’s money said to be scammed by members of Congress?

    • when will all of the 53 ba yon? be put in jail? that will be something worth watching, the few who made headlines enriching themselves, shame on you! while farmers struggle to have money to use for their farms, their money from the government goes to your pocket. you are all criminals and lyou should be shot in luneta to honor jose rizal. or maybe rizal might puke seeing your faces there.

    • sana walang special treatment.porket mayaman politico ay nasa magandang kulungan.sana isama sila dun sa Muntinlupa o kaya sa iwahig para hndi na pamarisan.bakit yung mahirap nasa kulungang napakasikip..sana maranasan din nla yun..dapat pantay pantay ang trato sa mga iyan..

  12. PNoy and Malacanang are truly crazy for their statement that they : ” hailed the charges filed against the 3 Senators as a vital moment in its quest to fight corruption”. Hello ?! – PNoy, Ochoa, Abad, Drilon, Roxas, De Lima, Soliman are the biggest and most corrupt people in the Philippines and how can they have the gall to say that the jailing of the Senator was a vital moment in their quest to fight corruption when in fact PNoy’s Admin and his allies are the biggest corruptors – and the vital moment for the Filipino people in the quest to rid of corruption is when the Philippines totally gets rid of PNoy and his Admin and allies for good !!

    • and to add to that, they claim they are spiritual, godly, religious! kung sa Ilocano pa okininam ba yon? dapat me created na hunta na taga baril ng mga corrupt once there is evidence, no prolonged hearing . if your hands are caught dirty, one shot sa paa muna. then pag umulit, sa kamay naman, at pag pangatlong ulit, naku manong tatamaan na yong sa yo hala ka! di ba matatakot yan sila?

  13. I agree with Professor Edmund Tayao of UST that Revilla’s arrest is just a theatrical showing and does not show the seriousness of it to deter highrofile and moneyed people to commit heinous crimes. The actions being seen here are all camaraderie and shows closeness to those supposed to uphold the strict enforcement of laws. There is a wide open description of everything including the kind of prison cell whereas other people being put to jail, there is no such fanfare. Only in the Philippines where the saying, “All men are created equal” is only a word of mouth. For seriousness sake, there must be some confidentiality of this kind of situation.

  14. This is good news. But how about the rest? Will the King PNoy administration only showcase 3 thieves? How about the other thieves in the Senate and the Lower House? Shall we expect foot-dragging in incarcerating the rest of the kawatans?

  15. we’re accomplishing what some people said was a near impossible task: to have these big personalities who are perceived as untouchable finally prosecuted. this is what justice secretary de lima said. what about secretary butch abad? how does he perceive himself? untouchable as well for as long he got leila de lima to cover his front and then pnoy covering him from the back? is he really that big of a personality or he just got himself the best “covers”?

  16. Alejo Rosete on

    I wonder why Senator Bong Revilla was detained first. Why not the three if them – Senator Enrile, Senator Estrada and Senator Revilla at the same time. No available space to detained them?. Why not put them in one room.

    I have the feeling that he has to be detained first and now to stopped him from going around and campaign for the Presidency in 2016. If he is allowed to go around and meet with the people – the administration gets hurt and the chances of “Boy pickup” is further diminished.