Revilla seeks overnight hospital stay for check–up


DETAINED Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. on Wednesday asked the Sandiganbayan to let him stay overnight at a hospital for a medical check-up and diagnostic tests.

In a two-page motion, Revilla said he has been diagnosed with migraine, hypertension and several other conditions.

Revilla, who has been detained after being charged with plunder in connection with the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam, said the diagnosis was made by Dr. Ma. Christina Macrohon-Valdez.

Valdez recommended several tests for the senator, including a Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA) of the brain and blood chemistry analysis.

Revilla wants the tests conducted at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City in Taguig City.

“I don’t need a hospital arrest because I have a strong body. I prefer staying where I am. But if the court will allow it, I want to be in the hospital overnight because it is going to be a general check up. The last time I had that was two to three years ago,” Revilla told reporters after his bail hearing in the Sandiganbayan on Thursday.

Revilla said his detention at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center in Camp Crame has resulted in a bout with flu and recurring migraine, as well as boredom that made him gain weight.

“I am actually nursing a flu right now, but I forced myself to come here. Since I was brought there, I had migraine at least five times because of the heat. But I am not complaining. The prosecution will surely oppose this [request for overnight stay in hospital]. We can see what kind of person they are,” Revilla said.

“There have been changes in my body system. You are always sitting there, just drinking water, receiving visitors. That’s why I need to exercise to regain my strength. I gained weight, so. I decided to work out. But I think I did too much of it that why I got sick,” he said.

Prosecutor Joefferson Torribio doubted on Revilla’s claim, saying the senator made the request just as the prosecution was winding up its presentation of evidence.

“This might be a prelude to a hospital arrest just in case that the bail petition is denied. That’s our concern,” Torribio said.

“If I’m not mistaken, Senator Revilla always says he is in tip-top shape. He always does exercises,” he added.

Torribio said the prosecution will keep pressing for Revilla’s transfer to Camp Bagong Diwa Detention Center in Taguig City which is under the Bureau of Jail Management and Peno logy (BJMP).

The PNP Custodial Center is not under BJMP’s jurisdiction.

Revilla said the prosecution is just out to make his life miserable. “They are doing everything that is not good for us. We’re already down and yet they still want to kick us out. They are punishing us. God will take care of them,” he said.


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  1. Kasi naman noong nakaraang hearing handang handa na ang senador, ung witness naman ng NBI ang may sakit, kung anu anong dahilan. Tapos ngayon na magpapacheck up lang si Revilla ayaw nilang payagan.

  2. Kung si Sen. Jinggoy ay pinayagang magpacheck-up at si Sen. Enrile nga ay naka hospital arrest pa, bakit si Sen. Bong ay ayaw payagang makapagcheck-up din?

  3. Hayaan nyo nang magpacheck up ang senador, kung kinakabahan ang mga kalaban niya e di samahan nila sa St. Lukes hahaha palibhasa alam ng prosekusyon an mtatalo na sila sa kaso.

  4. “I don’t need a hospital arrest because I have a strong body. I prefer staying where I am. But if the court will allow it, I want to be in the hospital overnight because it is going to be a general check up” Yun naman pala e anung kinakatakot ng prosecution? Palibhasa mahina ang kaso nila lanban kay Revilla nagmukha kasi silang tanga nun magimbestiga ang AMLC.

  5. The man is in jail & demanding a hospital check up. I say slap him in a normal jail cell then he will know what its like to be suffering. He has a life of luxury right now. He was treated like a celebrity in being allowed to speak to reporters. Isolate him from the outside world & treat him like the scum he is. I wonder if i were in a normal jail & i said i want to spend the night in saint lukes medical centre for a check up if i would be treated the same. I can imagine the guards & powers that be all together rolling on the floor laughing at my request. Yet this scum who has stole hundreds of millione of pesos from the poor of this country gets treated like he is still a film star. Its a good job im not in power.

  6. This animal is looking for excuses/ he deserved to stay inside the jail FOREVER/ same with Jinggoy – like father like son(THIEF)