INSTEAD of delivering a scathing speech on the pork barrel scam, Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. on Monday gave a valedictory-like speech on the Senate floor and called for a stop to the supposed mudslinging that came off the racket.

Implicated in the scam and charged with plunder, he said he will face the complaint filed against him in court.

Revilla, who invited his family and other supporters to the Senate to witness his highly anticipated speech, called on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to focus on more important matters such as unemployment, worsening peace and order, poor health services and a looming power crisis.

“Lead this country not with hatred but with love. Lead the country toward unity and not partisanship. Push our nation’s interest and not political agenda,” the senator said.

“Jailing your oppositors should not be the only achievement and legacy you will be leaving behind,” he added.

The senator, who was included in the so-called “Napolist,” also bared his own “list.” On top of the list, he said, was God, followed by his family and colleagues.

Revilla had a word for all of the senators, including Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, his co-accused in the plunder case.

He said Enrile’s brilliance and experience brought a culture of excellence to the Senate.

“I can only wish I will live a full life like yours,” Revilla told Enrile.

He called Estrada “kakosa,” a term used by inmates to address their cell mates, and reminded him that God is preparing them for something better.

Revilla also called on Estrada to patch things up with his half-brother, Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito.

Revilla ended his speech by playing a music video he made entitled Salamat Kaibigan (Thank you Friend).

When asked why he delivered such speech, he answered that he did it for the people.
At the House of Representatives, Rep. Ferdinand Romualdez asked the public not to prejudge Revilla.

“I appeal to the public not to prejudge Senator Revilla based only on press releases and supposed expert opinions. I stand solidly behind Senator Revilla in his fight to bring out the truth in the plunder case he is facing over his alleged participation in the ‘pork barrel’ scam,” Romualdez, president of the Lakas-CMD, said in a statement.

Revilla is the chairman of Lakas-CMD, the political party of former President Gloria Arroyo.

“I have yet to see any solid evidence against him, especially the key component of plunder, which says that the accused should pocket the money in question. As President Aquino himself declared, one is innocent until proven guilty,” Romualdez, a nephew of former First Lady Imelda Marcos, said.

“The law provides that only the court, in this case the Sandiganbayan, can rule on the guilt, or innocence of the accused. Let us all respect the law,” he added.

With a report from Llanesca T. Panti


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  1. Mr Revilla, if you are what you say you are,God fearing individual & really a true senator that looks after the condition of the Filipino people & the actual situation of the country, do you in your right mind think that the Pork barrel scam amounting to billions of moneys that was siphoned out of the governments coffers is not worth paying attention to. All of the things you mentioned ( such as unemployment, worsening peace and order, poor health services and a looming power crisis ) could be solved if corrupt officials,( would not be so GREEEEEEDY! as they want to get all the governments money, as if licking the plate to the last food particle) – all these moneys could have been distributed and address these problems. wheww!!! what more can i say, really now, & as if it’s not enough to make foold of us, some past “rulers” are saying, they have yet to see a solid evidence ? what? because in the Philippines, even you’re caught red handed, just deny… deny… deny..& because of the enormousness of the loot – like i said, it’s like a circus , the Crook will try to find other crooks to pay & get away with it. I hope your conscience will not eat you. so if you’re clean Sir, you don’t have to worry about anything.

  2. How much he paid for this speech from the pork barrel? The way I look at it he is too arrogant. People are not morons and will just give sympathies for speeches. I hope all guilty parties will rot in jail. Its people’s money they took and hard earned taxpayers monies. What may I can say is you might not guilty because you can afford to hire best lawyers in the world. But one thing that will bothers you is your conscience. And those who are involve in these scams, you can lie to the whole world but you cannot yourself.

    • Hi Joe,

      1. “He is too arrogant”. From the very beginning, kabayan!!
      2. “People are not morons and will just give sympathies for speeches.”. Pinoys easily forgive and forget. That is one bad news about the Philippine society.
      3. “Hope all guilty parties will rot in jail.” I hope they all rot in hell.
      4. We can only get back the people’s money they took once all of us has shun corruption in our minds, words and deeds. If we begin now, the good government and society will start in about 40 to 50 years.
      5. “One thing that will bother you is your conscience.” Do you still believe that politicians and opportunists like Enrile, Revila and Estrada have conscience? They are all platinum-plated in corruption.
      6. “You can lie to the whole world but you cannot lie to yourself.” Oh yes, they can, my friend. They are excellent liars, so good that they were able to convince themselves that they are not thieves.



  3. This is all politics, As it became evident that the PDAF scam is strong all the way to Malacanang, now they want to look for scape route to lead the people away from malacanang. These three senators catches their eyes, They have done this to GMA to raise their ratings, but until now no strong evidence against her, instead one by one plunder cases against her were dismiss. We people should be more aware of this tactics. We want to convict those who decieved us but lets be careful, after all there are people who uses everything, just to appear they are clean and continue to decieved us. Lets use our reason not feelings to know who are those culprit.

  4. Bong pogi Revilla is just a low-class actor and this is the only thing he does best. His speech and actions yesterday proves it. He will be considered a martyr of the PNoy administration if he will reveal all about his meeting with King of Bribe during the Corona impeachment trial and how much his take was to vote to impeach the poor Renato Corona.

  5. Why do we give so much time to these people. They are playing us for fools. They always bring god into it. Remember corona, how many times did he tell us god will be his judge. Now when he was the chief justice did god guide him. Did god tell him that the woman who didnt include her little market stall in her saln was such a bad person & should be kicked out of her government related job & lose all her benefits & entitlements, yet he with P180,000,000 in his bank account, which he didnt declare in his saln thinks god is on his side & he says i did nothing wrong. Let these people not divert our attention from the truth.
    If these senators are so desperate to get to the truth the would first resign from the party to save their government or party from further embarrasment & integrity, then they would allow justice to run its course instead of filing motion after motion. Its all delaying tactics & diversionary tactics. He will like the rest of them keep bringing god into the equation to get people on his side. Remember when 2 countries go to war & people in both those countries always say god is on their side. I say ignore god look at the facts & the evidence & it will clearly show their guilt then jail them for life & oput them in the normal jails to live like a normal prisoner has to live. No special treatment for them, no special food for them, no special conditions for them. Let them die in jail for their crimes against the poor people of this country. Its strange how he says pnoy should concentrate on the poor & sick , well if these scum hadnt stolen all that money it could have gone to the poor & the sick. I would makes them eat their words every single day.

  6. Senator Revilla, You and God only know what is in your heart, plus the ombudsman, who alleges that you are a plunderer with the other two. Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty. I hope you did not invoke God’s name in vain, we shall see. The picture of you three in MB, laughing as if taunting the voters to catch you, if they can because you are smarter than them. I hope all these will not backfire on you.

  7. “Jailing your oppositors should…” Kailan ka ba nag oppose ka Abnoy? Hindi ba tumanggap ka rin ng “incentive” galing sa admisnistrasyon para ma convict si SC Corona. Puro ka porma. Dapat lang makulong ka, pati na rin yung nagbigay ng “incentive” na ang ginamit ay pera ng taong bayan. Paiyak-iyak ka pa. Buti nga sa inyong tatlo.

  8. Just face the charges Mr. Revilla. Let the rule of law and justice prevail not your “valedictory address”. I was never dazzled by your star power nor your father’s. If you and you co-accused are really innocent, you will all come out clean. You are making too much noise.