‘Revised BBL violates agreement’


SIMUAY, SULTAN KUDARAT, Maguindanao: Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) officials reject the revisions made to the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that takes away control over Lake Lanao from the Bangsamoro government.

“No way can we accept the Marcos proposal. For the MILF, it is better to have no BBL than a bad BBL,” MILF peace panel chair Mohagher Iqbal told The Manila Times.

Iqbal was referring to the version of Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Senate Committee on Local Government chairman, to delete a provision in the proposed BBL that would give the Bangsamoro government control and supervision over Lake Lanao, saying this could affect energy security in Mindanao.

The waters of Lake Lanao, the country’s second largest lake, streams down to the Agus River generating the Agus Hydroelectric Power Plants.

“He [Marcos] is violating the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro [CAB] and Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro [FAB]. Lake Lanao is part of inland waters which is exclusive to the Bangsamoro,” Iqbal emphasized.

On the other hand, Misa- mis Oriental Vice Governor Joey Pelaez is not in favor of the provision that gives the administrative control of Lake Lanao to the Bangsamoro government.

In a letter he sent to Marcos, Pelaez said the BBL does not contain specific mechanisms on decision-making over the management of the water source between the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government, which could be a reason for conflict.

“There will be a big problem if this concern will not be addressed before passing the law. All Mindanaoans deserve a stable, secured, low cost and environment-friendly power source,” he added.

In a separate interview with The Times, Ghazali Jaafar, the MILF 1st vice chairman for political affairs, corroborated what Iqbal said earlier saying the issue on the inclusion of Lanao Lake as part of the Bangsamoro territory has been long resolved in several rounds of the Philippine government-MILF peace talks held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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  1. for your info ms. krissy, like a substate inside our teritorry is against our philippine constitution…police and military matter is all under which is absolutely violations of our constitution. Bakit ms. krissy gusto mo ba iyong province mo isama sa BBL ?? magkaroon ng sariling bandila at bansa , pero sa kaban ng bayan kukuha ng pera.. ano iyan sa palagay mo ms. krissy// it is against our constitution. kung gusto ninyong bumukod di bumukod kayo pero ayon sa batas ng pilipinas. sigurado ka ba lahat ng masasakupan ng BBL ay pumapayag mag pa under sa mga MILF lalo na ang mga christians??i dont think so.. ms. crissy. pls feed ur mind. you are out of ur mind…
    mindanao belongs to philippines not to malaysia…

  2. Hay naku puro pamumulitika nlng yung mga gingawa ng mga anti-BBL. nasagot na kasi lahat yan ng mga peace advocates natin eh, tapos nagpropose pa siya ngayon ng substitute sa BBL, bakit hindi siya nakisali sa usapan dati? bakit ngayon lang? dahil malapit na ang eleksyon? gusto nyang sa kanya macredit? gusto nyang magpabango ng pangalan? its so obvious kasi eh..tama na sa pamumulitika please. kawawa naman yung mga kapwa natin sa mindanao.

  3. Charlie Lopez on

    Dear Legislators, it is now in your hands to change the lives of Muslim Filipino families. Open your minds and hearts to bring salvation to Mindanao. Pass the BBL! Don;t listen the anti-BBL who wants to do NOTHING, whereas the proBBL wants to do SOMETHING for our fellow filipino in Mindanao

  4. Wouldnt’t it be ridiculous to implementa watered down version of the BBL? Para saan pa ang pag-implement kung hindi naman ito ikaliligaya ng mga MILF? Ginawa nga ito ayon sa kinakailangan nila, pero binabago ayon sa kagustuhan ng mga na sa politika.

  5. Let’s trust the Moros and the Bangsamoro government in managing the resources of that region including Lake Lanao. Who knows, they may manage it even better than the current people handling it.

  6. Raine Garcia on

    Does Marcos even understand the CAB and FAB? Baka naman kasi masyadong nagmamarunong. Credit Grabber!

  7. Odnalor Obirt on

    It’s so obvious what the MIF leaders want. They want control, control and control of the natural resources in Mindanao. Is this not yet clear to the minds of people in Malacanang and Congressmen?

    • Krissy Cingco on

      really? have you read the whole draft of BBL? can you list all items that made you said that the BBL is against in Php Constitution? or nakukuha mo lang yan sa mga soundbite ng mga oportunistang politiko katulad ni cayetano, marcos at santiago? madaling magsalita kasi hindi mo naranasan kung paano na mamuhay sa Mindanao. wag kang maging selfish, ang BBL ay ang simula ng pangmatagalang kapayapaan at kaunlaran sa mga kapwa natin sa Mindanao.

  8. CAB,FAB and BBL are all made by Malaysia,the terrorist MILF and the traitor OPAPP,it is not for the people of Mindanao but for the terrorist MILF and their Master the Malaysian government.Abolish autonomous regions.

  9. The BBL, as the MILF want it, is not a bad BBL. It is a horrendous BBL. But I have to agree with the MILF, better no BBL than a terribly flawed one, such as the one that they are proposing.

  10. hindi talaga pupwede ung BBL nyo at hndi talaga pupwede ung bangsamoro nyo labag sa constitution yan…..pag ipa giba ung torre de manila ano pa kaya ung walang kwentang BBL nyo..

  11. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

    All regions, provinces, cities, towns, island, lakes and waterways which lies within the Philippine Jurisdiction belongs to the Republic of the Philippines under its Charter, The Constitution of the Philippines which governed this country and followed and respect by each citizen. Whether born or acquired citizenship both Christian and Muslim and all its aborigine people. No other assembly, organization, association or any groups of people could create a STATE OR SUB-STATE within the standing Republic of the Philippines.